'It Just Has To Stop:' Elected Officials Of Both Parties Condemn Violence In WashingtonElected officials, former presidents, and cabinet members all condemned the violence at the capitol.
Pa. Lawmakers, Leaders React To Passing Of $900B Coronavirus Relief PackageThe passing of another nationwide Coronavirus relief package is like a sigh of relief for many lawmakers -- including those who don't fully agree with the deal.
U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Republicans' Bid To Halt Joe Biden's Pennsylvania WinThe Supreme Court has rejected Republicans' last-gasp bid to reverse Pennsylvania’s certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the electoral battleground.
Changed U.S. Supreme Court Schedule Gives Hope To Republican Challengers Of Pa.'s Mail-In Voting SystemBy federal law, Tuesday is the last day for states to certify who won their presidential election.
Rep. Mike Kelly And Sean Parnell To Appeal Pa. Supreme Court Loss Over Mail-In Ballots To SCOTUSRep. Mike Kelly and GOP candidate Sean Parnell are asking the Supreme Court of the United States to hold a hearing on their appeal claiming Act 72 was unconstitutional.
Rep. Mike Kelly And Others File Lawsuit To Block Counties From Giving Provisional Ballots To Voters with Disqualified Mail-In BallotsA lawsuit filed by Rep. Mike Kelly and others seeks to block counties from allowing voters that had mail-in ballots disqualified to vote by provisional ballot.
Challenger Kristy Gnibus Takes On Incumbent Mike Kelly In 16th Congressional DistrictThere is another local race for Congress that is getting some national attention.
Pennsylvania Elected Officials Remember Rep. John LewisElected officials from across the state remembered Rep. John Lewis following his death.
Rep. Mike Kelly Donating Blood Plasma To Research After Coronavirus RecoveryA congressman from Pennsylvania who has recovered from coronavirus is now helping other patients.
Congressman Mike Kelly Denies Any Wrongdoing In His Car Dealership Getting Coronavirus PPP LoanRep. Mike Kelly, a Butler County Republican, denies any wrongdoing after his car dealership received a coronavirus PPP loan.
President Donald Trump Hands Out Endorsements For Pennsylvania's Upcoming Primary ElectionPresident Trump is endorsing local politicians on the ballot in Pennsylvania's upcoming primary election.