Giant Eagle, Shop 'N Save Pull Romaine Lettuce Amid E. coli AlertGrocery stores and restaurants in our area are getting rid of romaine lettuce after a warning from the CDC Tuesday.
New Food Poisoning Outbreak Prompts CDC Warning Not To Eat Romaine LettuceU.S. health officials are telling people to avoid eating romaine lettuce because of an E. coli outbreak that has sickened 32 people in 11 states.
4 More Deaths Linked To Romaine Lettuce E. coli OutbreakFour more deaths have been linked to a national food poisoning outbreak blamed on tainted lettuce, bringing the total to five.
E. coli Outbreak Continues To Impact Pa., As Consumers Wonder How To Protect ThemselvesWith Pennsylvania leading the nation in E. coli cases from contaminated romaine lettuce, shoppers seem a bit wary.
1st Death Reported In E. coli Outbreak Linked To Romaine LettuceThe first death has been reported in a national food poisoning outbreak linked to romaine lettuce.
Making Sense Of The Food Safety Alerts, Warnings Bombarding ConsumersEverything we put in our mouths we trust will do no harm. But, it seems a day does not go by when we are not hit with another point of concern.
E. coli Outbreak Linked To Romaine Lettuce Grows To 84 CasesThere are 18 confirmed cases in Pennsylvania, more than any other state.
Teen From Western Pa. Sickened By E. coli Outbreak Linked To LettuceA teenager from Altoona is among at least a dozen people in Pennsylvania who have been sickened by an E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce.
Giant Eagle Recalls Salads, Sandwiches & Wraps Over E.coli ConcernsGiant Eagle is recalling dozens of ready-to-eat food items prepared with romaine lettuce because of national E.coli concerns.
Multi-State E.coli Outbreak Being Blamed On Romaine Lettuce Chopped romaine lettuce grown in the Yuma, Arizona, area is to blame for a multi-state E. coli outbreak, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.
Health Officials Working To Identify How Stomach Bug Outbreak BeganHealth officials in two states have zeroed in on what's making hundreds of people sick with a stomach bug. But investigators still don't know what's triggering cases in 13 other states.