Pittsburgh Weather: Cold Front Brings Fall-Like Temperatures To The AreaA cold front moving in is bringing fall-like temperatures to the Pittsburgh region.
Pittsburgh Weather: Hot Again With Spotty Showers, But Big Changes Are AheadAfter rain showers rolled through this morning, another hot day is expected, but that will all be changing soon.
Pittsburgh Weather: Another Day Of Hot Temperatures, Scattered Showers PossibleAnother warm start and hot day for the beginning of October.
Pittsburgh Weather: October Begins Hot And Humid, But Much Cooler Air Is On The WayHot and humid weather is expected to return today and stick around into Wednesday.
Pittsburgh Weather: Rain Starts Off Week, With Big Temperatures Fluctuations AheadDid you grab your umbrella before you left the house this morning?
Pittsburgh Weather: Rain To Move Out, Cooler Temperatures Moving InIt was tough to justify the 30 percent rain chance for today earlier this week.
Pittsburgh Weather: Fall Temperatures Continue To End The WeekThe fall-like temperatures are sticking around today and through the week and a warm weekend is on the way!
Pittsburgh Weather: First Full Day Of Fall Brings Cooler TemperaturesTuesday is the first full day of fall and the cooler temperatures certainly reflect the welcome of autumn.
Pittsburgh Weather: Fall Arrives, And Along With It, Cooler TemperaturesThe weekend was sunny and hot with temperatures into the upper 80s, but that's all over now.
Pittsburgh Weather: Slight Chance Of Rain May Impact Your WeekendAnother picture-perfect day of weather is expected across Western Pennsylvania.
Pittsburgh Weather: No Rain Until Weekend; Enjoy The Beautiful Seasonal WeatherAnother gorgeous day is expected today.