Human Resource Professional Says Workers Are 'Afraid To Voice How They Feel' About Returning To WorkplaceA local human resource professional says some workers are "afraid to voice how they feel" about returning to work amid the coronavirus pandemic.
University Of Pittsburgh To Begin Randomly Testing Students For CoronavirusBeginning this Wednesday, the University of Pittsburgh’s COVID-19 Medical Response Team will start randomly testing incoming students for Coronavirus.
On A Positive Note: Pittsburgh Couple Using Garage As Canvas To Spread Love And PeaceA Pittsburgh couple is using their home as a canvas to spread messages of hope.
Pennsylvania Lawmakers Insist Voting By Mail Is Safe And ReliablePennsylvania lawmakers insist voting by mail is safe and reliable.
'Buy Nothing Project' Helps People Get What They Need Without Spending MoneyPeople are always looking for ways to cut back on spending, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.
Local Dating Coach Says Finding Love During The Pandemic Isn't ImpossibleNaturally, dating can be daunting. But the COVID-19 pandemic has made finding that special person even more of a challenge.
Is An Aluminum Shortage Brewing? Increase In Demand For Beer Could Trigger OneWith people getting beer-to-go during the pandemic, an increase in demand for cans could lead to an aluminum shortage.
Residents Of Crafton Organize Protest Against Borough CouncilOn Sunday, concerned residents in Crafton will be leading a protest to the Borough Building against the city council they say has been corrupted.
Mom Says Edgewood Police Told Her 13-Year-Old Son To Leave Roadside Where He Sells WaterA mother is shocked and confused after she says police told her 13-year-old son to leave the roadside where he was selling water to drivers.
The New Normal Brings A New Phenomenon: 'Zoom Fatigue'With so many people keeping in touch with video conferencing during the pandemic, mental health experts warn of a new phenomenon: "Zoom fatigue."
Woman Who Claims Ex-Monongahela Cop Sexually Assaulted Her Files Lawsuit Against Police DepartmentA woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by a former police officer is now suing his old boss and department.