Sewickley Academy Junior Among 5 High Schoolers Named National Student PoetsFive high school juniors have been named National Student Poets.
Local Family Says Their Loved One In Long-Term Care Is Dying From A Broken HeartRobert Polce said he’s very concerned about his mother, 91-year-old Rose Polce.
Sewickley Bridge To Close Friday For Preservation WorkWork on the Sewickley Bridge is set to begin Friday.
'Something We Ought To Try To Avoid': Gov. Wolf Expresses Concern Over Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger's Visit To BarbershopGov. Tom Wolf is weighing in on the debate surrounding Ben Roethlisberger's visit to a barbershop in Sewickley.
Coronavirus In Allegheny County: Doctor's Office Warns Patients To Stop Stealing Hand Sanitizer, Gloves, Masks, Kleenex, Paper Towels And Toilet Paper One local doctor's office is asking patients to stop stealing much-needed supplies amid the coronavirus outbreak.
Local Couple Finds Skunk Using Inflatable Guitar Raft To Float In Their PoolA local couple woke up to find a big and potentially smelly surprise in their pool.
House Destroyed In Glen Osborne After Tree Crashes Onto RoofA house is destroyed in Glen Osborne after a tree fell onto it.
Can Pets Eat Cicadas? How Do I Keep Them Away? Experts Answer Your Cicada QuestionsThe cicada invasion in western Pennsylvania has a lot of people wondering how to keep them away and what to do if your pet eats one.
'They Just Creep Me Out': Cicadas Invade Western PennsylvaniaThe cicadas are back in western Pennsylvania, but how long will the invasion last?
Accident Involving Train Slows Morning Traffic In SewickleyAn accident involving a train slowed traffic during the Thursday morning rush hour in Sewickley.
GPS Told Woman To Drive On Railroad TracksA woman followed her GPS which took her onto railroad tracks instead of a road.