Local Vets Using Nanotechnology To Help Pets' HealingNow, with the introduction of bioengineering, doctors can have tissue made for their patients and veterinarians are having great success using nanotechnology in our pets.
Ohio Catholic Diocese Discourages ALS Ice Bucket Challenge A Catholic diocese in Ohio is discouraging its schools from participating in the ice bucket challenge to benefit the ALS Association, citing its funding of research involving embryonic stem cells.
Experiment Tests Stem Cell Technique Using Material From PigsNick Clark's lower left leg was badly damaged in a skiing accident nearly 10 years ago.
Stem Cells Being Used To Treat Knee, Joint PainAfter injuries from gymnastics and dance when she was younger, Linda Morning-Starpoole was having terrible knee pain.
New Stem Cell Procedure Gives Hope To Pain Sufferers PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) Stem cells have been used to treat cancer patients, multiple scleroses, and other conditions. Now, a local practice, Rehabilitation and Pain Specialists, is now bringing to the Pittsburgh area a non-surgical adult stem cell procedure to treat pain in patients.
Sisters’ Stem Cells Donated In Hopes Of Helping Other ChildrenHayley Mogul, 13, and her 9-year-old sister, Bari, have rare genetic mutations that can't be cured. But their conditions have improved during a two-month stay at the Children's Institute in Squirrel Hill.
Local Vet Seeing Benefits Of Stem Cell TreatmentThe debate has raged for years about stem cells, but Butler County Veterinarian Mike Hutchinson is completely sold on their effectiveness.
Austin’s Cupcake FundA Butler County boy who is battling a serious disease has made a generous donation.
Boy Raises Money For Short Gut Syndrome Research, TreatmentA Butler County boy who is battling a serious disease has made a generous donation. The 6-year-old and his family have been raising money, and today they presented a big check at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.
Researchers Testing Stem Cells As Treatment For Stroke RecoveryInjecting stem cells into the brain of someone who has had a stroke is a hot button issue. Is it safe? Can it be done? That's what researchers at the University of Pittsburgh are trying to find out.
Local Veterinarian Takes Stem Cell Work Around The GlobeThere is an old saying that, “It's hard to keep a good man down.” In this case, it's hard to keep a good man home. A local veterinarian has been traveling the world teaching other vets about his work with stem cells.