Can Virtual Reality Help Sports Fans Experience Game Day In A Post COVID-19 World?Sports are returning, though the stands remain empty as public health officials advise against large gatherings. Can virtual reality help?
Researcher Develops 'Anti-Solar' Panels That Could Work At NightIt's true - solar panels don't work at night but one researcher's work could completely change that.
Eye On Technology: ANSYSANSYS is the global leader in engineering simulation solutions, offering the broadest portfolio of physics-based simulation software.
Eye On Technology: numonumo is a fintech incubator and independent subsidiary of PNC, based in the heart of East Liberty's fast-growing tech scene.
Eye On Technology: DQE 5GDQE is a regional fiber network provider that has focused on delivering data solutions to businesses for over 20 years.
Eye On Technology: Human Centered DesignCGI is a $11 billion company employing more than 77 thousand people globally, and 400 here in Pittsburgh.
Apple Warns iPhone Users: Update Your Older Phone Or Lose InternetIf it ain't broke, don't fix it -- right? Well, some of you Apple product users may not have a choice this weekend.
Food Delivery Robot Resumes Testing On Pitt CampusTesting of the food delivery robots will soon resume on Pitt's campus.
Pittsburgh's Innovation Summit Continues At The Wyndham HotelNational speakers meet for this year's CAST Global Innovation Summit at the Wyndham Grand Hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh.
Google Maps' Incognito Mode Mainly Hides Location History From UserIn a series of privacy updates, Google added "incognito mode" to several apps, but it may not be as private as once thought.
Paralyzed Man Walks Using Brain-Controlled Robotic SuitA 28-year-old man was paralyzed from the shoulders down, new technology has helped him walk.