Veterinarian Seeing High Number Of Lyme Disease Cases In Dogs, Blames Longer Tick SeasonWhile you are spending more time at home, your pets are spending more time outside.
New Study Shows Lyme Disease Can Be Found In City ParksA new study shows ticks can be found in city parks.
Pennsylvania Lab Offering Free Tick TestingA Pennsylvania lab is offering free testing for tick bites in order to determine if they are infected.
Tick Season: Wet Weather Could Lead To Tough Tick Year, Earlier Than NormalA very wet 2018, followed by an already wet and dreary 2019 could lead to a big tick season experts say.
Pa. DEP Conducting 5-Year Statewide Surveillance Of TicksThe Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is conducting a five-year environmental surveillance of ticks across the state.
Exploding Tick Population -- And Illnesses They Bring -- Worries GovernmentOn Wednesday, a congressional advisory committee sounded the alarm on Lyme and other emerging tick-related illnesses saying they have become "a serious and growing threat to public health."
Lyme Disease Has Spread To All 50 States, Report FindsA new report has found that the tick-borne illness Lyme disease has been detected in all 50 states and cases continue to rise.
Exotic Tick Discovered In Pennsylvania, Poses Threat To Livestock, HumansAn exotic tick, which poses a big risk to livestock, has been found in Pennsylvania.
Backyard Chickens Eat Harmful Ticks, But Are Giving People SalmonellaAs disease-carrying ticks continue to spread across the country, many Americans are turning to an inventive and all-natural approach to removing ticks: chickens.
Children's Hospital Researches Investigating Lyme Disease Spike In Pittsburgh-AreaIt used to be rare in this area, but now it is commonplace -- the tick-borne, bacterial infection Lyme disease.
Tick-Borne Diseases Rising, Here's How To Prevent InfectionThe CDC says that if a tick is found attached to you early enough, there is still time to avoid infection.