Pennsylvania Lawmakers Introducing Bill To Ban Transgender Girls From Competing In Women’s School SportsSome Pennsylvania lawmakers are introducing a bill to ban transgender girls from competing in women’s school sports teams.
West Virginia House Passes Transgender Athlete BillThe West Virginia House passed a transgender athlete bill.
Ohio Officials Say S.D. Gov. Kristi Noem Used Photos Without Consent On Website To Promote Campaign To Ban Transgender Women From Women's SportsA website unveiled by South Dakota's governor to promote her campaign to ban transgender women from women’s sports is using photos without consent, Ohio officials said.
Lawsuit Alleges West Virginia Health Plans Unlawfully Denied Gender-Confirming Care For 2 Transgender ResidentsA federal lawsuit is alleging West Virginia’s Medicaid and state employee health plans unlawfully denied coverage for gender-confirming care for two transgender residents.
Several Hundred 'Pittsburgh Action For Black Trans Lives' Protesters Moved Through DowntownA group of Black Lives Matter protesters marched through the streets of downtown Pittsburgh.
'Historic Decision': Supreme Court Ruling That Protects LGBTQ Workers From Job Discrimination Will Impact Many Employees And Employers In PennsylvaniaThe U.S. Supreme Court held that employers cannot discriminate against gay or transgender employees in the workplace.
Rosemary Ketchum Becomes First Openly Transgender Elected Official In West VirginiaRosemary Ketchum won a seat on a City Council in West Virginia, making her the first openly transgender elected official in the state.
Bill Would Ban Competition By Transgender Females In Ohio High School And College Girls SportsRepublican lawmakers are sponsoring a bill that would ban transgender females from competing in Ohio high school and college girls and women's sports.
US Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Transgender Pronoun Dispute At Ohio UniversityA judge dismissed a professor’s lawsuit against a small, public university in Ohio that rebuked him for not addressing a transgender student using the student’s preferred gender terms.
New Ohio Bill Would Punish Doctors Who Help Transgender Children TransitionA bill has been introduced in Ohio that would punish doctors who help transgender youth transition.
Bill Would Require Student Athletes To Compete In Sports Based On Gender At BirthCritics of a bill that would require student athletes in Tennessee to play on the sports team of their gender birth say it is an attack on transgender students.