TSA Confiscates Record-Setting 35th Gun At Pittsburgh International AirportThe Pittsburgh International Airport set a record when the 35th gun of this calendar year was confiscated.
TSA Confiscates 34th Firearm At Pittsburgh International AirportSo far this year, 34 guns have been confiscated by TSA agents at the Pittsburgh International Airport.
TSA Confiscates Loaded Hand Gun From West Virginia Woman At Pittsburgh International AirportA woman from West Virginia was stopped by TSA at the Pittsburgh International Airport for caring a loaded weapon.
TSA: Man With Loaded Gun Stopped At Pittsburgh AirportTSA stopped a man with a loaded handgun at Pittsburgh International Airport, marking the 31st gun confiscated there this year.
Monroeville Man Brings Loaded Gun To Arnold Palmer Regional AirportA man from Monroeville was detained by Westmoreland County Police after bringing a loaded gun to the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport (LBE) in Latrobe on Thursday.
West Virginia Man Caught With Loaded Gun At The Pittsburgh International AirportThis is the second gun that has been found this month.
29th Gun Stopped By TSA At Pittsburgh International AirportAnother weapon has been confiscated at the Pittsburgh International Airport this year.
You Have One Year Left To Get A Real IDBeginning Oct. 1, 2020, if you want to fly on an airplane, enter a federal building or go onto a military base, your driver's license should have a gold star on it, indicating a Real ID.
TSA Issues Ban On 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge' Souvenir Coke Bottles Because They Resemble 'Thermal Detonators'If you plan to visit Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, you'll have to leave your intergalactic soda far, far away.
Another Traveler Caught With A Loaded Gun At The Pittsburgh International AirportThe Pittsburgh International Airport has recently confiscated its 27th gun of the year.
24th Gun Stopped At Pittsburgh International Airport CheckpointTSA officers at Pittsburgh International Airport discovered the 24th firearm at a checkpoint this calendar year.