GameStop To Close As Many As 200 Underperforming StoresGameStop's new CEO, George Sherman, says the company "is in a tough place" and "needs to make some changes" to keep up with the video game industry.
Walmart Takes Down Violent Video Game Displays Following ShootingsWalmart is taking down displays of violent video games in its stores in the wake of recent shootings.
Replay FX Arcade and Video Games Festival Happening At The Convention CenterGame lovers of all kinds are taking over the convention center this weekend.
Police: Father Accused Of Killing Infant Son After Losing Video GameA Kentucky father frustrated over losing a video game was charged with murder after punching his infant son, investigators said.
Microsoft Solitaire Inducted Into Video Game Hall Of FameThe most-played video game of all-time, Microsoft Solitaire, is being inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame.
Real-Life Mario Kart Coming To PittsburghA life-size Super Mario Kart center is coming to Pittsburgh.
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Is Screen Time Affecting Kids' Brains?Early results from the most ambitious study of the developing adolescent brain ever undertaken show differences in some of the brains of heavy screen users.
Girl Wouldn't Stop Playing 'Fortnite' To Use Bathroom, Sent To RehabA young girl in the UK has been sent to rehab after her parents claim she became so addicted to a video game she refused to stop playing, even to use the bathroom.
Police: Wrong-Way Driver On LSD Thought He Was Playing 'Grand Theft Auto'An Oregon man who allegedly stole a car and drove for miles going the wrong way claims he thought he was playing "Grand Theft Auto" while high on LSD.