Additional Election Sites Open Across Allegheny CountySaturday morning voters were able to either drop off their mail-in ballots or request a ballot at voting sites throughout Allegheny County.
Allegheny County Elections Division Launches Search Tool To Determine If You Received Incorrect Mail-In BallotA search tool has been launched for voters in Allegheny County to be able to check and see whether or not they received an incorrect mail-in ballot for the upcoming election.
Allegheny County To Reissue Corrected Ballots To County Voters After Nearly 30,000 Received Wrong BallotsAfter nearly 29,000 Allegheny County voters received incorrect ballots, the elections division will be mailing new ballots starting next week.
Voting By Mail: Knowing The Difference Between An Application And A BallotHave you received several pieces of mail about ballots and voting by mail? Know what is what with this explanation.
Ohio Officials Say Some Ballots Reported Incorrect May Actually Have Been RightAccording to Ohio officials, some of the nearly 50,000 absentee ballots believed to be incorrect, may actually have been correct after all.
Pa. Court Dismisses Trump Campaign Lawsuit Attempting To Stop The Use Of Ballot Drop BoxesA local federal judge has dismissed a suit by the Trump Campaign seeking to bar the usage of drop boxes for ballots in Pennsylvania.
Court Nixes Ohio Ballot Applications Arriving By Fax, EmailAn Ohio court ruled that requesting absentee ballots by email or fax will continue to be off-limits.
Here's What You Need To Know To Vote By Mail In PennsylvaniaHere is what you need to know to vote by mail in Pennsylvania.
Over 79,000 W. Va. Voters Request Absentee BallotsMore than 79,000 voters in West Virginia have requested absentee ballots ahead of the November election.
Battle Over Mail-In Ballots Plays Out In PennsylvaniaPennsylvania is not only a key battleground state in the upcoming presidential election, it has also taken center stage in the controversy over mail-in voting.
Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles And Nittany Lions Team Up To Push For Voting By MailThe Steelers, Eagles and Nittany Lions are teaming up for an ad urging Pennsylvanians to vote on Nov. 3.