Hey Ray! The Shape Of The EarthStanding on Earth and looking out, the Earth looks flat from our very limited view. We know the Earth isn't flat, though. Did you know Earth isn't a perfect sphere either?
Pittsburgh Weather: Winter Weather, Snow ChancesWinter weather has returned! We are waking up to temperatures in the mid-20's and even some patchy dense fog.
Pittsburgh Weather: Friday Starts Off Warm, Cold Temperatures And Snow Expected This AfternoonThe weather will return to seasonable today with colder temperatures and some snow expected this afternoon.
Pittsburgh Weather: Warm Thursday Gives Way To Colder WeekendToday will be on the warm side once again but as the weekend approaches, winter weather will return.
Pittsburgh Weather: Wednesday Sees Quick Warm-Up, Icy Conditions Possible Later This WeekWhile temperatures will briefly jump on Wednesday, some icy conditions could be possible later this week.
Pittsburgh Weather: Warm-Up On The WayWith the sunnier skies today and core temperatures warmer than yesterday, I am going to forecast highs back in the 40's today.
Pittsburgh Weather: Cloudy Skies, Dry Conditions To ContinueAfter a weekend where we finally see sunshine, break out data is showing a return of clouds mixed with sunshine.
Pittsburgh Weather: Sunny Skies, Cool TemperaturesIt's going to be another day with high temperatures slightly above normal near 40 degrees and some more sunshine to go along with it.
Pittsburgh Weather: Sunny Skies, Cool TemperaturesHello sunshine! Temperatures for the weekend will be a bit above normal with dry conditions.
Hey Ray! Accurately Measuring Snowfall AmountsAfter a snowfall, we all like to brag about how much fell, so it is important to measure snow properly. While it sounds like an easy task, you must follow some rules.
Pittsburgh Weather: Mostly Cloudy Skies And Cold Mornings ContinueAs we head into the weekend, the cloudy conditions will continue and the mornings will be cold.