Pittsburgh Weather: Cool Weather Continues, Haze From West Coast Fires To ReturnCool weather continues this morning with frost advisories through 9:00 a.m for Butler, Armstrong, Indiana, Somerset counties and other communities north and east of these places.
Pittsburgh Weather: Cool And Sunny Weekend AheadThe upcoming weekend will see sun and cooler temperatures.
Pittsburgh Weather: Clouds Roll In, Temperatures Briefly Tick UpWhile the morning will be slightly warmer on Thursday, cooler temperatures are on the way as we move into the weekend.
Experts Say Haze From West Coast Wildfires Could Shake Up Pittsburgh's WeatherIt was another day of hazy skies in Pittsburgh as a result of the wildfires out west and experts say they’re not sure when we will see it shine bright again.
Pittsburgh Weather: Hazy Day With Cooler TemperaturesSmoke moving east from the fires on the west coast will be thick enough to lower the high temperatures in our region.
Pittsburgh Weather: Cool Temperatures Continue, Potential Frost PossibleBrrrr, it’s cold out there this morning. Temperatures are a good 15 to 20 degrees cooler this morning than what they were just 24 hours ago.
West Coast Wildfire Smoke Reaches Pittsburgh Area, Leading To Smoky SkiesThis afternoon’s cloudy skies weren’t because of water.
Pittsburgh Weather: Cooler Temperatures, Seasonal Conditions To Start The WeekSeasonal weather was in place for yesterday with high temperatures in Pittsburgh hitting 76 degrees.
Pittsburgh Weather: Rainy And Humid End To The WeekendRain will continue through much of the day with a few possible thunderstorms even though there's no severe weather threat.
Hey Ray! Explaining The Differences Between Downbursts And TornadoesWhen there is storm damage, many times people feel it was caused by a tornado. 
Pittsburgh Weather: Cooler Temperatures And Partly Cloudy SkiesAs we head into the weekend, Friday and Saturday should be mostly dry with the chance for rain and storms on Sunday.
Pittsburgh Weather: Humidity Ticks Down, Hot Temperatures RemainThe temperatures remain in the mid-80s today but the good news is the humidity will be lower.
Pittsburgh Weather: Hot Temperatures Sticking Around On WednesdayWednesday will be another hot day with humid conditions.
Hey Ray! Using Red Skies To Predict The Weather In 'The Olden Days'People have been trying to predict the weather for a long time. Before we had radars, satellites in space and weather models, the only way to predict the weather was observation.
Pittsburgh Weather: Beautiful Labor Day Weekend AheadIt's going to be another gorgeous day ahead and the trend continues for the holiday weekend!