Who Is Type-Casted More, Eli Manning Or Liam Neeson?

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  • Acting
    Everyone has heard of Manning Face, but few understand exactly what that is. It's a look that Eli Manning gives where he looks confused, as if he has somehow materialized onto a football field. This look works well in commercials where salesmen are trying to give him chest-bumps and popcorn comes pouring out of a car's armrest.
    There's no doubt that Liam Neeson has had some amazing roles throughout his career. Unfortunately, we mostly know Neeson as a vengeful man with a whole lot of guns growling into a phone. He's been doing it since his role in the 1991 film "Under Suspicion" and is still doing it in such films as "Taken," "Taken 2," "Non-Stop," and "A Walk Among the Tombstones." He's even voiced himself doing it on Family Guy, so you know the type-casting is real.
  • Voice
    For the most part, Eli Manning is type-casted in commercials as a football player. You can tell this by how he wears his Giants jersey everywhere: doughnut shops, while buying a car, driving a car and fixing lawnmowers. Eli also doesn't talk very much. When he does, you understand why he doesn't do it often except on the gridiron.
    Liam Neeson is probably the last person you want to hear on the other side of a telephone conversation, even if you haven't abducted his daughter. Neeson's voice isn't very loud, but it is clear, purposeful and just angry enough for you to know that he will not rest until his daughter is returned. Or his pizza arrives on time.
  • Best Role Ever
    If there was one role that rises above all other Eli Manning roles, it has to be in the commercial, Football Cops. Super-cops with ridiculous Burt Reynolds mustaches, fighting crime with footballs? It puts Eli Manning's hosting of Saturday Night Live to shame.
    Take your pick: "Schindler's List;" "Les Miserables;" "Gangs of New York;" "Batman Begins;" "Darkman." Liam Neeson has quite a few, mostly growling and vengeful, sometimes without a telephone.
  • Partnering for Success
    The only time an Eli Manning commercial doesn't leave the viewer with their mouth hanging open, wondering what they just saw (like a personal Manning Face) is when Eli is partnered up with his older brother Peyton. This may lead to some ridiculous commercials like Football Cops and a couple of horrible rap videos, but at least you know that you're supposed to laugh.
    Liam Neeson doesn't partner up with other actors. Other actors partner up with him. Some actors that have succeeded through the support of Liam Neeson include Harrison Ford, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ewan McGregor, Patrick Stewart, and Ben Kingsley.
  • Out of Character
    Say what you will about how Eli Manning acts. Or doesn't react, at all. Manning has led the New York Giants to two Super Bowl victories, which is a huge accomplishment no matter how he looks doing it.
    Nothing was more out of character for Liam Neeson than when he traded in his gun for a lightsaber and flew around in a spaceship in a galaxy far, far away as Qui-Gon Jinn in "Star Wars Episode 1." After working with Jar Jar Binks, I'm sure Neeson requested that his character be killed off so that he would never have to hear Jar Jar's voice ever again.
It was close, but Eli Manning was able to snatch another victory from the jaws of defeat. Luckily for Liam Neeson, being type-casted isn't a great thing. It means that you aren't versatile enough to take on different roles. So take my judgement as a compliment, Liam Neeson. And please, stop calling me.

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