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Summertime is one of the busiest times of the year for local farmers’ markets, farms and especially community gardens. Community gardens are popping up in countless neighborhoods throughout the city and its surrounding communities as locals discover the numerous benefits to community farming and gardening. Many of these spaces have helped beautify once run-down localities while almost all rely on the volunteer efforts of neighboring residents to continue the cultivation of crops for charity and donation for those in need. Whether you’re looking to harvest your favorite fruits and veggies to take home or simply want to get involved in helping others, here are five community gardens worth getting your hands dirty at.

Boyce Road Community Gardens
1500 Boyce Road
Upper St. Clair, PA 15241
(412) 221-3118

For those looking to rent or adopt gardening beds for personal use, Boyce Road Community Gardens is a great option. Since 1975, this allotment-style garden has welcomed individuals to plant their own crops for harvest for $15 per plot in addition to its $5 membership fee. With 65 beds roughly 40’x40’, you’ll find plenty of space to grow your favorite summer fruits and vegetables. Boyce Road Community Gardens is located in the region’s Upper St. Clair area across from Boyce Middle School.

Lawrenceville Organic Community Garden
Corner of McCandless Ave. and Natrona Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

For a fun urban gardening experience, purchase a plot at the Lawrenceville Organic Community Garden. Everything you need to develop and harvest your crops is available, including a tool shed, rain barrel, compost and running water. Get your hands dirty by digging in the roughly 1,600 square feet of land while hanging out with like-minded individuals who also enjoy promoting urban food production through the cultivation of plants and food. The Lawrenceville Organic Community Garden is located at the corner of McCandless Avenue and Natrona Way in the city’s Lawrenceville neighborhood.

Garfield Community Farm
Corner of Cornwall St. and Wicklow St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

You may be surprised to learn of a farm in the city’s Garfield neighborhood, but the Garfield Community Farm is actually one of the best spots in the greater Pittsburgh area for community gardening. Stop by and learn more about this unique space that offers locals the change to participate in organic farming and gardening. Since 2008, it’s quickly grown from a small neighborhood garden to approximately 30 gardening beds designed for growing fresh food that can be collected for individual use, sale or donation. Volunteers are always needed, so do not hesitate to contact John Creasy at to see how you can help.

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Martin Luther King Community Garden And Farm
Kirkpatrick St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

The Martin Luther King Community Garden and Farm is a relatively new community garden, which opened in spring 2015. In its short time, however, this space has become a popular spot for locals to assist with growing vegetables and herbs that it often donates to the Jubilee Soup Kitchen, located in Uptown Pittsburgh. In conjunction with Grow Pittsburgh, this space houses approximately 40 separate plots and a large farming area as well. Unearth your gardening abilities while helping others at the Martin Luther King Community and Farm, situated in the city’s Hill/Uptown neighborhood.

Sewickley Community Center Garden
15 Chadwick St.
Sewickley, PA 15143
(412) 741-5430

The Sewickley Community Center Garden was established in 2008 to provide fresh and local vegetables for the Sewickley Community Center Food Pantry. Multiple in-ground beds are put to good use as the land is cultivated with help for devoted volunteers who harvest and collect produce and perennial natives for donation, sale and even personal use. Its beautiful space is not only celebrated for its efforts to feed local Pittsburghers but has won awards from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society as well. Find the Sewickley Community Center Garden on Chadwick Street in the heart of Sewickley.

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