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Just in time for the slipping and sliding on the roads for the winter season, here are five great choices to keep you out of harm’s way. Each venue stresses safety and proper driving techniques, all with experienced instructors. Here are the five best driver’s ed courses in the Pittsburgh area.

Buckle-Up Driving School, LLC
(412) 747-7551

Frank Deutsch is a public school teacher with 20 years of driving and teaching experience. He said, “I’m a one man band that will give quality over quantity.” His experience in the educational process gives the students an exemplary curriculum that touches all facets of classroom and driving programs. The one-on-one program includes lessons that are developed in a sequential order that will prepare the students for the exciting day of the driving test, and the probability of insurance discounts. Whether the driving experience is on the road, classroom or online, Frank has you covered in all aspects of successful driving, and the home pickup and return is a convenient incentive.

Rogers School Of Driving, Inc.
4590 McKnight Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
(412) 931-9000

The Rogers School Of Driving has been active in the Pittsburgh region since 1969, and with 135 years of full time teaching experience, the school is prepared to teach successful driving techniques. There are student and adult classes, and adult drivers can opt out all the way to the driving test. The instructors prepare the prospective drivers in classroom theory, online and on the road, and their wealth of experience provides information in all aspects of driving safety and the rules of the road. Even though there is an insurance savings for the students, it is the knowledgeable staff that handles the classroom and behind the wheel instruction with adept instruction.

Easy Method Driver Training School, Inc.
P.O. Box 14714
Pittsburgh, PA 15234
(412) 243-3279

Easy Method Driver Training School traverses a wide range of communities in the Pittsburgh region, with experience since 1952. The certified instructors for the driving lesson evaluate when the driver is ready. The lessons are prepared for teenage and adult levels in a classroom and behind the wheel format for obtaining a learner’s permit and a license. Part of the driving services is an online course to learn the skills of driving at your convenience and return to the program for a refresher or review the basic fundamentals in a leisurely manner.

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Ultimate Defensive Driving School, LLC
720 Hartland Drive
Cranberry, PA 16066
(724) 321-5665

If you need personal driver’s training, then check this school out. You will be evaluated by experienced instructors who have safety as the main concern for students, seniors and families. There are presentations available at local automotive companies and schools to meet the instructor group, and a great way to answer any questions before the training begins. The individual training is directed to defensive techniques, all weather driving and lessons geared to behind the wheel instruction. Virtual reality equipment and classes are utilized to ensure a confident feeling for an exemplary one-on-one experience. The certified instructors are the key to the success of the driving school, and the program package and the online driving course covers the responsibility, driving skills and classroom instruction necessary to obtain a license and possibly lower insurance rates.

Cindy Cohen School Of Driving, LLC
1789 Pine Hollow Road
McKees Rocks, Pa. 15136
(412) 580-0027

If you’re looking for driving lessons, look no farther than Cindy Cohen School Of Driving. There is so much more to driver’s ed than being behind the wheel, as there are online driving courses and classroom instruction that will prepare prospective drivers for all the techniques, rules and the overall quality of the driving school. Cindy Cohen commented, “We are a competent company with an exemplary safety record, and you’ll become a smarter and safer driver with our driving lessons.”

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