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Trying to find the perfect destination for a first date in the Pittsburgh region offers a host of opportunities and that includes the cultural, historical, educational and recreational pursuits inherent to Pittsburgh. The city and surrounding neighborhoods are alive with things to do and finding the chance to experience that special occasion can lead to another opportunity to extend the date with activities that are based on the same interest level. Finding some quiet time or sharing a venue in small groups in a comfortable setting can relax any tension of a first date. Pittsburgh abounds with a variety of activities in historical and cultural areas, restaurants, land and water destinations, parks and sports that will be perfect for a best first date spot.

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
45 S. 23rd St., # 101
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
(412) 682-7275

The exploration of the city and community parks in the Pittsburgh Parks Conservatory system is a perfect chance to take in all that is offered and the solitude to make a first date more relaxing. The varied interest at the parks sets up many opportunities to observe the flowers, take a walk or hike, bike, swim, take a class, or open up a blanket and enjoy the fabulous scenery of a Pittsburgh summer. Check out the events calendar for ideas to catch a concert, movie, classical and jazz selections, a free Tai Chi and Yoga class and no matter what direction you are taking, the parks have something special to do on a first date. If you need more alone time, then check out disc golf, golf, dog walking, skate or take some time for a casual walk along a trail and enjoy the beauty of the parks.

Cool Springs Sports Complex
1530 Hamilton Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15234
(412) 831-5080

The summer is a great time to not only smell the flowers along the way, but also a chance to get out in the open air and challenge the golf complex at Cool Springs in the South Hills. There are opportunities to handle the beautifully landscaped mini golf course or take your chances at the driving range. Even though you may want to get some quiet time and get to know your date for the first time, the golf is a peaceful endeavor to stroll along and enjoy the scenery with no pressure for individual performance. The environment of the complex of the well-maintained facility makes for a relaxing feeling, and after time spent together at the mini golf or driving range, opens up some alone time  at the Fairway Grille for food and drinks and maybe make another tee time for another date.

The Andy Warhol Museum
117 Sandusky St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(412) 237-8300

A great way to get to know the feelings of a first date experience is a destination that can have thought provoking discussions. The Andy Warhol Museum will give you that process in seven floors of art, paintings, film, drawings, photographs and sculptures that will surely develop a dialog as you pass each piece at the museum. Each floor has a different work of art that promotes an outlook that exposes your interests, philosophies and opinions. There is a serene feeling on each floor and time to discuss the pieces onsite or after that to the Warhol Cafe for food and drinks. There are opportunities to experience all that the museum offers that include a hands-on studio experience, exhibitions and gallery talks.

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North Park
303 Pearce Mill Road
Allison Park, PA 15101
(724) 935-1766

Anyone deciding on a great first date and what to do can rest assured there is something that piques the interest of both people at North Park. There are a myriad of activities and facilities available in the park and in the water, and that includes above the trees, nature center, trails, pools, fields, biking, fishing and education centers. You can have a quiet conversation in a double kayak with only the sounds of the paddles or wildlife as a tranquil background, or zip line in the treetops with the Go Ape course. After a full day of activities, you can head on over to the OTB for food and drinks on the patio, or set up a blanket and a picnic basket and take in the ambiance of the park and all its wildlife inhabitants.

Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation
100 W. Station Square Dr., Suite 450
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 471-5808

Pittsburgh has been immersed in its 200th Bicentennial celebration, and what better way to join the the festivities of the city than by experiencing what is offered in the Pittsburgh region? The Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation has free scheduled events for a first date and this can be on a self-guided tour or a casual walk to view architectural landmarks, Allegheny County Jail and the bridges and river shores. The serenity of the walks and splendid buildings can conjure up some private time to find out if there are any similar interests, and that will make for a more relaxed first date experience. The Free Friday walking tour series continues with the Cultural District and a great way to find out more things about Pittsburgh that you didn’t know before. Call ahead for any reservations that are needed for some of the tours.

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