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The search for a fantastic daiquiri in the Pittsburgh region spans in all directions and the venues are within a short distance of each other. The drinks are crafted by experienced bartenders and beverage personnel to ensure satisfaction with the best rum, ingredients and a cordial smile. There is more than a drink to highlight a special night out or after work to get in the mood to kick back and relax. The decor, food menus, atmosphere and vibrant staff make for the bar’s ability to extend the experience for patrons to make a return visit.

Maggie’s Farm Rum
3212A Smallman St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
(412) 709-6480

When it comes to cocktails, it’s time to run for the rum drinks at Maggie’s Farm Rum. This is an award-winning establishment that is heaped in excellence of serving daiquiris with the best ingredients, and starting with the highest level of craft rum makes for an incredible drinking experience. Head on over to the cocktail bar for myriad of selections. The Maggie’s Daiquiri lives up to its name with the perfect ingredients of rum, lime juice, ice and simple syrup. The locally-produced farm rum is used by other bars and restaurants in the Pittsburgh region, which is testimony to Maggie’s quality and notoriety.

Tender Bar & Kitchen
4300 Butler St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
(412) 402-9522

Yvette Benhamou, General Manager, states that Tender Bar & Kitchen in Lawrenceville is a neighborhood craft cocktail bar that was inspired from the Arsenal Bank. The comfortable bar is made from marble, and if you look around the bar you’ll discover that the walls have old bank notes displayed and even an authentic bank safe as part of the decor. She mentioned, “The classic daiquiri is a staff favorite and is expertly crafted by the knowledgeable bar team.” There is a Don’s Special Daiquiri, a slightly sweeter choice made with passion fruit and honey or the Fly By Night concoction that is a daiquiri riff using black strap rum and house-made falernum. When the weather is pleasant, you can take a reprieve by savoring that daiquiri while people watching on the patio. Benhamou adds, “You can even allow the inventive staff to create an original just for you.”

Tiki Lounge
2003 E. Carson St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
(412) 381-8454

If you want to feel the enigma of being on a South Seas vacation without leaving Pittsburgh, then the next choice is to trek on over to the Tiki Lounge. The lounge atmosphere is arranged with huts, bamboo, facade drawings and exotic drink containers. Sean Enright, known as the admiral for his longevity of serving craft cocktails in the Pittsburgh area, does the speciality Tiki night each South Side South Seas Wednesday, where he crafts authentic classic daiquiris using fresh lime and Maggie’s Farm Rum. Sean also makes a Banana Daiquiri using Amrut Port Rum with only fresh bananas. Sean commented, “The daiquiri is the perfect drink to test a craft cocktail bars proficiency in making drinks.”

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229 S. Highland Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 661-5656

Located in Shadyside, Casbah offers a variety of food and spirits. Beverage Director Alyssa McGrath has a fantastic classic Hemingway Daiquiri ready for patrons to enjoy. She stated the rum is from the Owney Distillery in New York and the classic drink is double strained and shaken. Added to the white rum are lime juice, grapefruit, simple sugar and Lexardo Maraschino. Alyssa remarked that the warmth of Casbah, the comfort of sitting at the bar or patio and the surrounding greenhouse and statues are perfect for a springtime escape.

930 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 697-3120

If you’re looking for a hot spot for drinks in the Cultural District, then look for Seviche to set the tone for a South Beach experience. The Cuban artwork and the beat of salsa music will get you in the mood to hit the bar for cocktails or dine with a menu of seafood, tapas, appetizers and larger portions inherent from the Nuevo Latino Bistro. General Manager Kaylie Mathews states that even though the bar serves wine and enticing cocktails with rum, the customers can certainly request the classic strawberry daiquiri. The classic drink includes rum, lime juice, strawberries and simple syrup, but the chance to change the drink to a frozen daiquiri seems to be just as delicious. There are Happy Hour specials from 4:30 to 6:30, Monday to Saturday, with discount prices for tapas, cocktails, wine and Latin beer.

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