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One of the first impressions many travelers develop about a new city begins at the airport. The design and layout of everything from the gates and baggage claim to the overall quality of its shops and restaurants play an important role in an airport’s popularity. The Pittsburgh International Airport is a microcosm of the city itself. It has earned a reputation as one of the most pleasant flying experiences among major U.S. airports because it is safe, comfortable and universally appealing to a wide range of travelers. One facet of the airport “experience” that many travelers consider most important involves a pleasant spot to get a drink. Whether it’s coffee, tea, smoothies or something a bit stronger, the Pittsburgh Airport has it covered. Here are the best places to grab a drink in the Pittsburgh Airport.

Mayorga Coffee Roasters
Concourses A, B & Core
(412) 472-5299

Started in 1997 as a cooperative between farmers, roasters and consumers, Mayorga has established itself as a pre-eminent force in the competitive coffee chain market. A mainstay in several airports today, it provides exceptional taste and quality in every cup served. While traveling through Pittsburgh, it’s hard to ignore the wonderful scents of coffee being roasted and brewed as you approach one of its stores. If the drink you crave while traveling is all about a “jolt of java,” make a stop at Mayorga part of your pre-boarding ritual.

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Quaker Steak & Lube
Concourse A
(412) 472-5850

As much a Pittsburgh tradition as beer and football, Quaker Steak and Lube has become an international sensation for serving some of the best (and hottest) chicken wings around. Louisiana Lickers, Arizona Ranch and Buckeye Barbeque are a few of the favorites served here but it is the atomic hot wings sauce for which Quaker is most famous. To wash them down, order a drink from the seemingly endless list of cocktails and mixed drinks that are every bit as enticing as the world famous hot wings.

Bar Symon
Center Core
(412) 472-5067

Bar Symon, created by the Food Network’s “Iron Chef” Michael Symon is a 2,500-square-foot restaurant and bar that does just about everything right. There are outlets located across the bar for charging electronic devices and a wide selection of local beers on tap behind it. The Pittsburgh “Strip District” is well represented at Bar Symon. There are photographs of the historic wholesale markets decorating the walls and many of the baked goods and produce originates there. It’s a perfect spot to pass the time with some authentic Pittsburgh food and brews while waiting for your flight.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream & Smoothies
Center Core
(412) 472-5409

What started out as a single ice cream shop in an old Vermont gas station has grown into one of the most recognizable ice cream brands worldwide. Ben and Jerry’s signature brand of natural ingredient ice cream can be found just about everywhere. So, it should come as no surprise that it’s also available in the Center Concourse of the Pittsburgh International Airport as well. With a constantly expanding list of flavors and favorites, the smoothies are a popular choice for travelers passing through the Pittsburgh Airport terminals. Whether you’re headed out for business or pleasure, make your trip a little sweeter with an ice cream or smoothie at Ben and Jerry’s.

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