Everyone from Pittsburgh knows that Mt. Washington is the best place to take in the sights of downtown; but it’s not the only place in town with an amazing view of the city. We polled the KDKA Newsroom for a look at some other places around the city that are sure to take your breath away.

Station Square

125 West Station Square Dr.
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15219

Known for its restaurants and night life, Station Square is also home to one of the most beautiful views of the city’s skyline. The area is located alongside the Monongahela River. “The river is wonderful to watch day or night,” one KDKA staffer wrote. Another must-see – the dancing water at the Fountain at Bessemer Court!

West End Overlook

Rue Grande Vue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15220

Located in Pittsburgh’s Elliott neighborhood, the West End Overlook provides a breathtaking view of not only downtown Pittsburgh, but also the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio rivers. The park, renovated in 2003, features gardens, a walkway and seating. One KDKA staffer says the view won’t disappoint. “Even more thrilling than Mt. Washington!”

Point State Park Fountain

101 Commonwealth Pl.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 471-0235 ‎
You don’t have to go up high to take in the sights of the city! Point State Park, located at the mouth of the Ohio River, is a historical gem. It is home to the Fort Pitt Museum and the Blockhouse – the oldest building in the city of Pittsburgh. But while you absorb the history, don’t forget to take in the view at the famous fountain. As a KDKA staffer put it: “You can see the entire city skyline as well as the stadiums!”

The Three Rivers

Pittsburgh looks good not only from land, but also from water. Here’s how one staffer put it: “Seeing the city from the water is a wonderful way to experience it from a totally different perspective. Everything looks so big from the water. The stadiums are so close. Coming around the last bend in the river towards the Point and seeing the city in front of you is a neat way to see Pittsburgh.” If you don’t own a boat, check out the Gateway Clipper Fleet, Pittsburgh Water Limo or Just Ducky Tours. Also, you can rent a kayak from Kayak Pittsburgh, depending on the season.

The Fort Pitt Bridge

At the end of the Fort Pitt Tunnel is a sight to behold. “The view of the city as you emerge from the tunnel is fantastic, particularly at night! To the left you can see Point State Park and the stadiums; to the right, all the beautiful buildings!” So the next time you’re zipping across the bridge or if you’re stuck in a traffic jam, spare a few seconds to take it all in.

PNC Park

115 Federal St.
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15212

The Pirates aren’t the only attraction at PNC Park. A ticket to the game will also give you a seat to admire the downtown skyline from across the Allegheny River. “My favorite seat is behind home plate way up high just under the press box. You get the most beautiful view of the city, the field and the crowd. On a warm night with a summer sunset – [it’s] heaven!”