DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chris At Heinz Field

July 16, 2012 6:20 AM

dyr pittsburgh DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chris At Heinz Field

“The first time I ever kissed my wife was in this car.”

The Ride
The Driver: Chris
Car in Question: Midnight Blue 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier
Spotted at: Heinz Field, 100 Art Rooney Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Odometer: 89,103
Car’s Nickname: The Cav


Q: Hi Chris! Thank you for participating in Defend Your Ride Pittsburgh. Can you please tell us about your car?

A: I try to use this car whenever I can. It’s been a lot of places. I’ve been anywhere and everywhere throughout the city.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the city to drive through?

A: I used to work in Pittsburgh. I always liked driving through the Fort Pitt Tunnel, except when it was rush hour. It’s just the best view you can ever have of the city.

Q: How about your least favorite? Any part of Pittsburgh you don’t like driving through for any reason?

A: Anything under construction. That mishmash merge right before the tunnels, coming from Parkway West, where everything just crisscrosses. That’s a part I don’t like, because you have people going either in or out. The Fort Duquesne Bridge is a close second because you have to cross over and then cross back. I don’t know what drugs people were on when they designed that. It was designed in the ’60s, so that’s an explanation in itself.

Q: How long have you had this badboy?

A: My in-laws bought the car for my mother-in-law and my wife to share, but back then I didn’t even know my wife yet. They bought the car brand new, six miles on the odometer! I don’t even think they took it for a test drive. This car is a 2002. It was manufactured August of that model year. It’s one of the last 2002s they made. In 2003, they changed the frontend and backend on it. So my in-laws got a nice deal on the car because it was an older model, even though it was brand new. When my mother-in-law bought a new car, my wife, Katie, took this one over. We kinda shared it when we moved in together in 2006, but she was the main driver. I had a Chevy Impala that was giving me trouble, and Katie didn’t like driving it because it was a big boat. So we decided to trade the Impala in towards her Escape in 2009. That’s when I took this car over. It’s been my daily-driver ever since then, and I plan on just driving it into the ground.

Q: So your wife got a new Ford and you got her used Chevy. Aren’t you jealous?

A: Not at all. This car has been the most reliable automobile I’ve ever owned. I’ve had five or six cars, and this thing is the only one that’s never left me stranded. The only time it did not start was because of a bad battery–that’s it. Plus, it’s been paid off since 2007. It’s the best kind of car to have, because I’m not writing a check to keep it.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about it?

A: The first time I ever kissed my wife, though she was just my girlfriend at the time, was in this car. I brought my son home from the hospital in this car. I have never gotten stuck in snow in this car. It has never left me stranded. To some people, it’s just a throwaway econo-box. But, for me, there are a lot of memories in this car. We’ve had it so long it’s like a family member!

Photos and interview by Sarah Beth Martin

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