“The third day I had my truck, I wrecked it!”

The Ride
The Driver: Matthew
Car in Question: 2006 Dodge Dakota Ultra
Spotted at: PNC Park, 115 Federal Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Odometer: 134,714


Q: Which neighborhood do you live in and what’s your zip code?

A: Frankstown Estates, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15235.

Q: How long have you had your truck?

A: Since May 2010.

Q: What is unusual about your truck?

A: I use Celsius for all my degree settings and the 24-hour clock for the time.

Q: Do you consider yourself a scientific person?

A: Yes. I always liked science and I like to find out how things work.

Q: It sounds like you are a curious individual. Was there anything about your truck that you wanted to find out?

A: Yes. My father always told me it was not energy efficient to use the air conditioner so I looked it up. It turns out that leaving your windows down puts a drag on the car, so using the air conditioner actually saves gas.

Q: Have you had any unusual events in your car?

A: Yes, I had a wreck in my driveway three days after buying my truck. It was raining really hard and hit the wall that borders my drive. The trash cans were in my way and there was low visibility.

Q: Do you know anything about the statue you are parked near?

A: Yes, it is Bill Mazeroski who hit the winning home run in the 1960 World’s Series against the Yankees. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2001.

Q: What is your favorite feature on your truck?

A: My awesome V8 engine. Real smooth! This is the best thing I’ve ever driven.

Q: Do you have any rules for your truck?

A: No food or most drinks. Water only.

Q: What kind of driver are you?

A: Safety conscious. My father really instilled that in me. He was the one who taught me to drive.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve about driving?

A: Driving with other people, especially my dad, because they always tell me how to drive and I really hate that!

Photos and interview by Katherine Brown Sutton

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