Are you looking for the best in local art, but not sure where to go? Pittsburgh has a variety of art galleries ranging from local-artists only to regional and international art. Some options are free, making this a low-cost option for a weekend outing.

Hip-hop artist Paradise Gray performed at The Mattress Factory on Oct. 18, 2010. (Credit:

The Mattress Factory

500 Sampsonia Way
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15289
(412) 231-3169

The Mattress Factory, housed in two reclaimed Pittsburgh buildings, displays room-sized, avante guard installation art.  Some of the standouts in the permanent collection include “Infinity Dots Mirrored Room” – an eye-popping display of glass, formica and mannequins – and the outdoor garden installation by Winifred Lutz. Mattress Factory artists create all of the installations on site.

Currently located on Penn Avenue, Future Tenant takes up shop wherever it can find an empty space. (Credit:

Future Tenant Artspace

819 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222

Currently located on Penn Avenue, Future Tenant takes up shop wherever it can find an empty space. It features a eclectic collection of art including 2-D art shows, theatre performances, open mic nights, and public window installations, all managed by graduate students from the Master of Arts Management program at CMU. Open mic nights include an open bar, making for an enjoyable evening outing or date night.


812 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222
(412) 325-7723

SPACE is a small, downtown gallery dedicated to free admission for solo and group shows. The current exhibition is “Paper Politics,” which examines social and political themes through printmaking.

Boxheart Gallery's website offers a glimpse at current and upcoming exhibits. (Credit:

Box Heart Gallery

4523 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15224
(412) 687-8858

BoxHeart was established with the goal of giving local artists a venue to show their work, but also features works from regional and international artists, which can often be purchased for moderate prices. Box Heart offers the added bonus of an in-store framer, making it a great place to shop for a holiday gift.