Gov. Tom Wolf unveiled a new plan to help people across Pennsylvania get back to work after the coronavirus pandemic caused massive unemployment.

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Gov. Wolf Unveils 'Back To Work PA' PlanGov. Tom Wolf unveiled a new plan to help people across Pennsylvania get back to work after the coronavirus pandemic caused massive unemployment.
84 Lumber Offering Career OpportunitiesPittsburgh Today Live's Ron Smiley visits 84 Lumber to find out what kind of career opportunities they are offering.
4 Southwestern Pa. J.C. Penney Stores ClosingFour J.C. Penney locations in Southwestern Pennsylvania will soon be closing.
Money Monday: UnemploymentPittsburgh Today Live's David Highfield talks to Hefren-Tillotson Senior VP Jayme Meredith about the staggering unemployment numbers and how to find work.
Reporter Update: Local Company Brings Back WorkersKDKA's Chris Hoffman visits Wade Heating and Cooling, where employees went back to work today from self-isolating.
Local Wineries, Distilleries Doing Lots Of Business During Social DistancingPittsburgh Today Live's Celina Pompeani visits some local wineries and distilleries to find out how they're doing during this period of social distancing.
Neubauer's Flowers For Spring And EasterSteve Neubauer, of Neubauer's Flowers, talks about business in the era of social distancing, and arrangements for spring and Easter.
Supporting Local Book Stores During The Coronavirus OutbreakPittsburgh Today Live's Celina Pompeani and David Highfield talk with Sean Collier about how you can support local book stores during the Coronavirus outbreak.
Reporter Update: Jon Delano - Senator Pat Toomey Introduces Pro-Fracking LegislationKDKA's Jon Delano reports on an effort to block the President of the United States from banning fracking.
Reporter Update: Jon Delano - Pittsburgh International Airport EnergyPittsburgh International Airport is planning to generate its own electricity instead of relying on "the grid." KDKA's Jon Delano explains.
Reporter Update: Shelby Cassesse - SpectroDolceKDKA's Shelby Cassesse reports on the soft opening of the only candy shop in the Pittsburgh region run exclusively by people on the Autism spectrum.
Reporter Update: Jon Delano - Officials Tour New Castle Steel MillTwo key White House officials toured a Pittsburgh-area facility. KDKA's Jon Delano reports.
Reporter Update: John Shumway - Civic Arena Site DevelopmentKDKA's John Shumway reports on residential and commercial development that's going for preliminary approval Thursday.
Reporter Update: Jon Delano - LGBT+ SCOTUS DecisionOn the day of a major Supreme Court case, KDKA's Jon Delano reports on the political differences of local, state, and federal jurisdictions when it comes to the firing of LGBT+ employees.
Reporter Update: Jon Delano at Kaufmann's HotelThe old Kaufmann's building has been converted into a hotel focused on wellness. KDKA's Jon Delano reports.
Reporter Update: Chris Hoffman - Post-Gazette Print EditionsToday is the first Monday without a print edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. KDKA's Chris Hoffman reports.
Reporter Update: John Shumway - Gas Prices on the RiseKDKA's John Shumway is looking into the reason why gas prices have gone up 20 cents or more, per gallon, in the last 48 hours.
Mario Lemieux Foundation, AHN Invest In Heart Health ResearchThe Mario Lemieux Foundation is teaming with Highmark Health and Allegheny Health Network to take care of Pittsburghers’ hearts.
United Auto Workers Union Members Hit The Picket LinesThousands of United Auto Workers Union members are walking the picket lines this morning; CBS's News Laura Podesta reports.
New Study Looks At TippingA new study is showing who is more likely to tip well; KDKA's Celina Pompeani reports.
Reporter Update: Jon Delano - Fifth Avenue Place UpgradeKDKA's Jon Delano reports on proposed upgrades to the Highmark building downtown, and what it means for people who work, travel, and live in the Central Business District.
Reporter Update: Jon Delano - Boycotting Trump Supporters' BusinessesShould Pittsburghers boycott businesses if the owner has donated to President Donald Trump? KDKA's Jon Delano reports on a recent Facebook movement.
Reporter Update: Jon Delano - Downtown Crime & PandhandlingAre local business owners losing business because of crime and an increase in panhandling in downtown Pittsburgh? KDKA's Jon Delano reports.
Reporter Update: Jon Delano - The State Of Working PennsylvaniansWorking Pennsylvanians aren't getting a big cut of the commonwealth's growing economy. KDKA Money Editor Jon Delano is looking into the cause.

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