Are you a cat person? We're looking at a new study that examines the personalities of felines!

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New Study Examines The Personalities Of CatsAre you a cat person? We're looking at a new study that examines the personalities of felines!
Something Good: Have You Seen This Turtle?The community has come together to find a family's missing turtle in Shaler Township.
Ask Dr. Mike: Pets And Garden SafetyDr. Mike Hutchinson, of Animal General, has some tips for keeping your pets safe around your garden.
Songbird Artistry Hosting Fundraiser For Local Animal RescueWe're chatting with Debbie Maier Jacknin, the owner of Songbird Artistry. They will be hosting a fundraiser for Animal Lifeline Pittsburgh this weekend!
Butler Co. Beagle Voted Nation's Top Therapy DogBow Tie Boone, the beagle from Butler County, has been named the country’s top therapy dog in the American Humane Hero Dog Awards competition!
CGI Tech Center: App To Translate Your CatPTL's Mikey Hood has a look at a new app that can help translate what your cat it thinking!
National Pet Fire Safety MonthPittsburgh Today Live's Mikey Hood learns some important tips for National Pet Fire Safety Month.
Ask Dr. Mike: Summer Safety For PetsWe're chatting with Dr. Mike Hutchinson, of Animal General, about some summer safety tips for our furry friends!
Missing Ohio Dog Found Trapped Between Concrete WallsThe Cincinnati Fire Department came to the rescue when a missing dog was discovered trapped between two concrete walls.
Pet-Friendly Spaces In Your HomePittsburgh Today Live's Mikey Hood talks with real estate listings expert Bonnie Loya about how to create pet-friendly spaces in your home!
Ask Dr. Mike: Are You Allergic To Your Pet?We're asking Dr. Mike Hutchinson, of Animal General, what to do if you're allergic to your own pet! That's among other topics!
Pet Of The Week: BowieOur friend, Cody Hoellerman, of Animal Friends, stops by with this week's featured adoptable pet, Bowie!
New Survey Shows People Want Option To Bring Dog To WorkWe're looking at a news survey that surveying pet owners about going back to work!
Ask Dr. Mike: Pets And FireworksDr. Mike Hutchinson, of Animal General in Cranberry Township, is offering some advice on how to keep scared and nervous pets safe during Fourth of July fireworks celebrations,.
Travel Safe With Your Furry FriendWe're getting some trips for traveling safely with your pets from Dr. Mike Hutchinson of Animal General and the Neighborhood Ford Store!
Bow Tie Boone Up For American Humane Hero Dog AwardPittsburgh Today Live's Celina Pompeani is visiting with local therapy dog, Bow Tie Boone, his sister, Anabelle, and their mom, Tanya Diable. Boone needs your votes for the American Humane Hero Dog Award!
Ask Dr. Mike: Allergies In PetsDr. Mike Hutchinson, of Animal General, has more information on the best ways to treat pets with annoying allergies.
Canine Companions Puppy Puma Also Being Raised In PittsburghWe have an update on our Canine Companions' puppy in training, Pickles, and his brother who is also being raised in Pittsburgh, Puma!
Pet Of The Week: Altoona From Animal FriendsPittsburgh Today Live's Heather Abraham talks with Cody Hoellerman, of Animal Friends, who has an update on all the dogs rescued from a home in Whitehall. One of those dogs is Altoona, who will be ready for a home very soon!
Pet Of The Week: ScoobyPittsburgh Today Live's Ron Smiley talks with representatives from the Cross Your Paws Rescue about all the animals they have up for adoption, including Scooby!
When Penguin Met Pickles!Our KDKA pups, Penguin and Pickles, meet for the very first time!
Penguin And The Sabos ReuniteOur first KDKA pup, Penguin, is reuniting with his puppy raisers, the Sabo family, for the first time since they turned him in for advanced training at Canine Companions!
The Sabo Family Meets Pickles!Pickles, our new KDKA Pup, meets his puppy raisers, the Sabo family of Pittsburgh, who will begin his training to become a service dog for Canine Companions!
An Update On Pickles!Canine Companions says Pickles is on his way to their Ohio facility to be introduced to the Sabo family!

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