Fan N'ATion: January 23, 2021 (Pt. 1)Welcome to the newest episode of Fan N'ATion! In our first segment, we head across the pond to meet a diehard Pens fan in Scotland. Then back here in the Burgh, we catch up with Ken Wregget, former Penguins goalie and current owner of 31 Sports Bar and Grille!
31 Sports Bar And Grille: Spice Up Your TailgateWe head back to Ken Wregget's 31 Sports Bar and Grille to learn how to make a Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich and a Spicy Moscow Mule!
Fan Cave: Rocky CapobiancoWe call it a "Fan Cave" some call it a "Man Cave" but Rocky Capobianco, a huge Pitt fan, and his friends came up with a name for his blue and gold room: "The Pitt."
Dueling Terrible Towel CollectionsHere in Steeler Nation, The Terrible Towel is our flag. Now, it's time for you to meet Jeremy Davis and Emmett Newsome, two 412 Fanatics with collections you just have to see to believe!
412 Fanatics: Nathan BeggIt doesn't matter how old or young you are - you can still be a 412 Fanatic! We catch up with Fox Chapel's own Nathan Begg and find out what makes his Pittsburgh fandom so "lit."
Game Winning Drive: The Steeler VanIt's a collaboration that you don't want to miss! Bob Collet has been a Steelers season ticket holder and his family and friends are avid tailgaters. So, they teamed up with the Baldwin School District to make the perfect van for tailgating!
Skin In The Game: A Family AffairJoe Capone and Rachel Helmich are brother and sister, and not only are they Pittsburgh natives but they're both Pittsburgh tattoo artists! They joined Fan N'ATion to talk to us about the best 412 tattoos they've drawn!
Where Yinz Been? Ken WreggetHe was a part of a Penguins Stanley Cup victory, but now he's traded in thee goalie pads for beer and wings! Former Penguins goalie Ken Wregget is now the proud owner of 31 Sports Bar and Grille right here in the Burgh!
412 Fanatics: Colin FisherHe bought a Sidney Crosby jersey out of the "blue." After learning who Crosby and the Penguins were, Colin now is one of the biggest Penguins fans there is and just because he lives in Scotland doesn't mean he can't be a 412 Fanatic!
Saturday On JP Roofing FAN N'ATION (JAN 23) – PROMOCatching up with former Pens Goalie Ken Wregget. Then two Terrible Towel Collections you won’t believe! Plus, a Man of Steel Tattoo and this Steeler-inspired Tailgating Machine! Saturday, 1/23 - 7:30 PM ON KDKA/CBSN and 9:30 PM ON PGH CW
Appear on FAN N'ATION!Are you a die-hard Pittsburgh sports fan? Contact us to be featured on the show! Submit on or email
Favorite Part Of Fan N'ATion In 2020As we move into 2021, Rich and Daisy talk about some of their best memories so far on Fan N'ATion.
Fan N'ATion: January 2, 2021 (Pt. 4)We close out our first show of 2021 with how some people probably rang it in - with a Bloody Mary, wait, no...we found a Pittsburgh spin on the classic cocktail, a Bloody Myron!
Fan N'ATion: January 2, 2021 (Pt. 3)It's an all-Pitt segment on Fan N'ATion! First, we talk about the Oakland Zoo with two of its presidents and then we find out about a new cookbook from Pitt Athletics, Panther Plates by Pitt Greats, that even features our very own Rich Walsh!
Fan N'ATion: January 2, 2021 (Pt. 2)Welcome back to Fan N'ATion! In this segment we ask our 412 Fanatics what their New Year's Resolutions for Pittsburgh sports are, talk to 2019 Inductee Rick Holman and 2021 Nominee Justin Laveing into the Ford Hall of Fans, and finally we check out some Steelers ink from Mary Jo Bashour!
Fan N'ATion: January 2, 2021 (Pt. 1)Welcome to the first episode of Fan N'ATion in 2021! In this segment we hang out with the Yinzer Mob, host a wing-eating competition and then head to Pleasant Hills for Todd Dorsey's fan cave with some really unique memorabilia.
The Bloody MyronLooking for a Pittsburgh twist on the classic cocktail the Bloody Mary? 2021 Ford Hall of Fans nominee and 412 Fanatic Justin Laveing has a great one for you - The Bloody Myron! Double Yoi!
Panther Plates By Pitt GreatsLooking for some fresh plates to cook? You're in luck, some of the greats that have come through Pitt athletics, including our very own Rich Walsh, are featured in a new cookbook from Pitt Athletics!
20-Year Anniversary Of "The Oakland Zoo"They're loud, they're proud, and other teams do not like coming to Oakland because of one, three-letter word: Zoo. Daisy talks to two of the presidents of one of the most infamous college basketball student sections, the Oakland Zoo!
Skin In The Game: Mary Jo BashourWhat makes Steelers fandom more permanent than putting some skin in the game? That's what Mary Jo Bashour of Republic thought when she got the Steelers' logo tattooed on her body!
Hall Of Fans: 2019 Inductee Rick Holman & 2021 Nominee Justin LaveingYou know all about the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton...or did you? There is a Hall of Fans located inside the hall, honoring some of the best fans in the game. Much like the franchise, Pittsburgh Steelers fans are well-represented.
412 Fanatics: New Year's ResolutionsFrom Pittsburgh to Ohio and all the way to Scotland, 412 Fanatics have some New Year's Resolutions for their favorite black and gold teams!
Fan Cave: Todd DorseyBobbleheads are must for just about any fan cave, but have you seen extra large ones that support a bar? Todd Dorsey in Pleasant Hills has the fan cave you just have to see!
Tailgating With The Yinzer MobFans may not be inside of Heinz Field right now but that isn't stopping the Yinzer Mob from their Steelers traditions. They welcome Fan N'ATion to check out those traditions and host the first ever wing-eating contest judged by our own Daisy Jade!

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