Sunday Business Page: InnovatePGHKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with the Executive Director of InnovatePGH, Sean Luther, about the organization hoping to bring continual innovation to Pittsburgh.
Sunday Business Page: 10.27 Healing PartnershipKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Maggie Feinstein, the director of the 10.27 Healing Partnership, about a recent poster initiative meant to bring hope during the coronavirus pandemic.
Sunday Business Page: ExOneKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with John Hartner, the CEO of ExOne, about the company's industrial 3D printing services.
Sunday Business Page: VetNOWKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Dr. Apryle Horbal, the CEO of VetNOW, about the organization's efforts to help people and their pets.
Sunday Business Page: Romance ScamsKDKA's Money Editor Jon Delano speaks with Joe Rothrock from the FBI about the prevalence of romance scams surrounding Valentine's Day.
Sunday Business Page: STEM GrantsKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Malesia Dunn, Executive Director of the PPG Foundation about STEM grants and how they can be used to advance the community.
Sunday Business Page: Buy AmericanKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with David Iwinski, Managing Director of Blue Water Growth, about President Joe Biden's recent executive order and what it means for Western Pennsylvania.
Sunday Business Page: Robert Morris University Celebrates Its 100th YearKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with President Chris Howard of Robert Morris University about the upcoming landmark achievement.
Sunday Business Page: Regaining Lost JobsKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Jim Futrell, VP of Market Research for the Allegheny Conference about how the region is regaining jobs lost during the pandemic.
Sunday Business Page: Market Reflections And PredictionsKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Andre Weisbrod of Quantum Financial Advisors about how the market fared in 2020 and how it is expected to perform in 2021.
Sunday Business Page: Legal Representation During The Coronavirus PandemicKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Elizabeth Hughes, President of the Allegheny County Bar Association, about the challenges of legal representation during the coronavirus pandemic.
Sunday Business Page: ICI CEO Eric PanKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Mt. Lebanon native Eric Pan about his success and his recent achievement of becoming the Investment Company Institute CEO and president.
Sunday Business Page: Jim O'BrienKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with prolific sports writer Jim O'Brien
Sunday Business Page: Pittsburgh Promise Awards Scholarships To More Than 10,000 StudentsKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Saleem Ghubril, Executive Director of Pittsburgh Promise, about the milestone the organization recently achieved.
Sunday Business Page: Innovate PGHKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Sean Luther, Executive Director of Innovate PGH.
Sunday Business Page: Recovery Centers of America In MonroevilleKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Michael Ogden, CEO of the Recovery Centers of America in Monroeville.
Sunday Business Page: Market Prospects In A Biden PresidencyKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with financial advisor Jason Laux of the Synergy Group to discuss how personal finances could be impacted by politics.
Sunday Business Page: Online Stores Inc.KDKA's Jon Delano spoke with CEO and founder of Online Stores Inc., Kevin Hickey, on this edition of the Sunday Business Page.
Sunday Business Page: Pittsburgh Musical TheaterKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Coleen Doyno, Executive Director of Pittsburgh Musical Theater, about the organization and how it is overcoming the coronavirus pandemic.
Sunday Business Page: Hazelwood GreenKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Todd Stern, property manager of Hazelwood Green, about current projects.
Sunday Business Page: Honoring The 30th Anniversary Of Americans With Disabilities ActKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Jeremy Shapira of the Disability Inclusion Consortium to talk about the organization and the challenges people with disabilities are still facing 30 years after the passage of The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
Sunday Business Page: Dr. Paul HenniganKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Dr. Paul Hennigan, the President of Point Park University on this edition of the Sunday Business Page.
Sunday Business Page: Community BankKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with John Montgomery, the President/CEO of Community Bank on this edition of the Sunday Business Page.
Sunday Business Page: Innovation WorksKDKA's Jon Delano spoke with Rich Lunak, the CEO of Innovation Works, on this edition of the Sunday Business Page.

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