The Waiting Child segment is a cooperative program with KDKA-TV and the Statewide Adoption and
Permanency Network (SWAN) featuring children who are available for adoption. This program is coordinated with the Three Rivers Adoption Council, who confirm that Waiting Child has a 64 percent rate of placement because every child needs a family! For more information on SWAN, including post-permanency services, visit or call 1-800-585-SWAN (7926).

Waiting Child: Joshua (c43aa25)This week's Waiting Child is Joshua! (c43aa25)
Waiting Child: Michael (C37AA10)This week's Waiting Child is Michael! (C37AA10)
Waiting Child: Ben (CO2AB48)This week's Waiting Child is Ben! (CO2AB48)
Waiting Child: Justin (C11AA27)This week's Waiting Child is Justin (C11AA27).
Waiting Child: Mikel (C37AA27)This week's Waiting Child is Mikel! (C37AA27)
Waiting Child: Aaron (C37AA49) & Darren (C37AA48)This week's Waiting Children are twins, Aaron (C37AA49) & Darren (C37AA48).
Waiting Child: Sierra (C02AB45)This week's Waiting Child is Sierra! (C02AB45)
Waiting Child: Ngor (C25AA85)This week's featured Waiting Child is Ngor! (C25AA85)
Waiting Child: Damien (C42AA44)This week's Waiting Child is Damien! (C42AA44)
Waiting Child: Jacob (C10AA31)This week's featured Waiting Child is Jacob! (C10AA31)
Waiting Child: Jaymonte (c65aa2)This week's Waiting Child is Jaymonte! (c65aa2)
Waiting Child: Robert (PAE#C49AB33)This week's Waiting Child is Robert! (PAE#C49AB33)
Waiting Child: James (c10aa24)This week's Waiting Child is James! (c10aa24)
KDKA Celebrating Anniversary Of Partnership With Three Rivers Adoption CouncilIt has been our privilege the past 30 years, to work with the Three Rivers Adoption Council, helping to get area children in need of families placed in permanent homes; KDKA's Lynne Hayes-Freeland reports.
Waiting Child: Alexa (C56AA10)Waiting Child: Alexa (C56AA10)
Waiting Child: Tyler (C49AA61)Waiting Child: Tyler (C49AA61)
Waiting Child: Catherine (C32AA25)Waiting Child: Catherine (C32AA25)
Waiting Child: Armani (C02AB33)Waiting Child: Armani (C02AB33)
Waiting Child: Tyler (C39AC64)Waiting Child: Tyler (C39AC64)
Waiting Child: Walter (C32AA24)Waiting Child: Walter (C32AA24)
Waiting Child: Paul (C6110454)Waiting Child: Paul (C6110454)
Waiting Child: Denise (C58AA38)Waiting Child: Denise (C58AA38)
Waiting Child: Jason (C48AA05)Waiting Child: Jason (C48AA05)
Waiting Child: Jacob (C65AA27)Waiting Child: Jacob (C65AA27)

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