PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — If you are looking for an easier way to clean your floors, the Shark Steam Mop claims to do the job faster and easier but does it really do that?

Bicycle wheels, little feet and lots of paw prints… for Jill Tauch, a mother of two busy boys; it isn’t easy to keep floors clean.

“This floor is impossible to keep clean,” said Jill. “The hardest thing about this floor is it’s dark. Since it’s dark, it leaves a haze on the floor. So you can test a product very quickly by if it leaves a haze or not.”

Will the Shark Steam Mop do the job?

It claims to be more effective than traditional mopping.

It’s easy enough to put together. It comes with a water cup and a funnel.

Jill fills the cup with water and using the funnel easily fills the Shark Steamer.

A washable micro pad attaches to the steamer.

You just plug the steamer in, wait thirty seconds and when the green light comes on, you are ready to go.

Jill says it’s not hard to push at all.

“This is a lot easier than hands and knees and vinegar water,” she said.

The Shark Steamer cord is long.

Long enough so you don’t have to keep looking for plugs but the cord does get in the way a little.

But is the Shark Steamer doing the job?

You can see the paw prints and water spots disappearing but what about that film problem.

So far, Jill is happy with the way the Shark Steamer does the job.

But what about her other floors?

We leave the steamer with Jill and come back two weeks later.

“I’ve been using this on my kitchen floor,” said Jill. “It takes less than five minutes.  It starts very quick. It is easy to push even on this floor which is slate. It is easy to push.”

But would Jill pay $90 for the Shark Steamer?

“I do think it’s worth it,” she says. “It’s quick. However, I don’t think it’s made like it should be for a $100 item. That’s my personal opinion but it’s quick, it’s easy and it does a nice job. So for me just the time savings alone.”

We give the Shark Steamer mop a definite thumbs up.

It uses very little water. As soon as the steam hits your floor it evaporates so you are not putting your floors in contact with water for more than a few seconds.

It’s a little pricey, but in the end we say it really does do that.

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