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Man who spilled NSA's secrets asks Russian leader if Moscow spies on its own citizens to the same extent; Putin answers without hesitation
Popping up via video link during a live televised Q&A session with Russian leader, the man who revealed extent of the NSA's data-gathering asks whether Moscow does the same to its citizens. Putin didn't hesitate to answer.
At least 10 killed in coordinated assault on base in area where al Qaeda-splinter group has stepped-up attacks
Russian leader admits troops were sent to Crimea, but insists none elsewhere as tension mounts and violence flares up
Crew member says captain's 1st message to 475 people on ship was to stay put, and by time evacuation order came, it was too late for many
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Blue Mountains as part of three-week tour of Australia and New Zealand
Desperate passengers sent text messages to loved ones from doomed ferry; dazed survivors say they were told to wait for rescuers instead of trying to escape
Secretary of State John Kerry is in Geneva for the first direct talks with both Ukraine and Russia at the table together
London salon's poster mocking Kim Jung Un's distinctive hair style prompts row between U.K. and North Korea
Sijia appeared dejected and depressed and stopped eating properly after her companion moved out, so the worried staff at the Yunnan Wild Animal Park in Kunming, China installed a television to entertain the lonely panda.