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Surveillance video shows several suspects leaving an apartment where a journalist was found slain with five others, prosecutors say
Airbus has patented aviation technology that can travel from London to New York City in hour
The Cubs of the Caliphate are boys as young as eight, drafted by ISIS for suicide missions, fighting and executions
Pentagon has lost track of some of the fighters who have apparently scattered; fighters probably captured by al-Nusra
Former populist president breaks two years of silence, vowing political return to "redefine revolutionary ideals" amid "satanic obstacles"
Rivalry for undiscovered oil and gas has intensified as shrinking polar ice is opening new opportunities for exploration
A CBS News poll surveyed Americans on President Obama and the issues facing the U.S.
Allegation emerges as public inquiry investigates possible cover up of sexual abuse by powerful people in U.K. over several decades
Trophy hunting is big business in Africa
Authorities say they were tipped off about attempted smuggling of the 1906 painting, "Head of a Young Woman," to Switzerland