PITTSBRUGH (KDKA) – When it comes to cleaning dirty windshields, Robert Nesmith says it’s a job he can do without.

“I really hate to clean windshields,” said Nesmith, “especially on the inside. On the inside, I would probably go as long as i could without cleaning it.”
That’s why the Windshield Wonder could be just what Robert has been waiting for.

Here’s how the infomercial describes Windshield Wonder: “The Windshield Wonder combines a microfiber cleaning cloth with a long handle and pivoting head to make windshield cleaning fast and easy, so easy you don’t even need glass cleaner. That’s right. The Windshield Wonder cleans glass with plain tap water. Amazing!”

But does it really do that?

The Windshield Wonder comes with the tilting head, an extension handle, two microfiber bonnets and a spray bottle for the tap water. Directions say best results are achieved by using back and forth motion and steady pressure.

You moisten the bonnet or microfiber cover with tap water and start to clean.
Windshield Wonder is easy to use, but the surface isn’t clean.

“It isn’t, said Nesmith. ” you have a bug stuff on here from the highway. It really didn’t do it.”

The Windshield Wonder does get dirt off, just not all the dirt.

We tried Windshield Wonder on the inside of the windshield.

As Nesmith cleaned, he said, “I can tell you one thing this is going to leave streaks like you wouldn’t believe.”

There’s no sparkle. There’s no shine, and there are still spots on the windshield.

We try again on the other side of the windshield, inside and out. Although Nesmith said he loves the access that the handle gives you, we are still disappointed with the results. Again, we get streaks.

We think the problem is using tap water instead of glass cleaner, so we try glass cleaner. It works better this time, but still not great.

So bottom line? Does Robert Nesmith think the Windshield Wonder really does do that?

“I like the way it handles. I like the way it sits along the windshield, the way this gives and retracts, said Nesmith. “It’s a real comfortable feeling, but to have just this product and some water? It’s not going to work.”

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