PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The electric Egg Genie promises perfect eggs every time with no more chance of overcooking your meal.

An automatic egg cooker that makes perfect soft-boiled, medium-boiled or hardboiled eggs every time. But does it really do that?

KDKA’s Consumer Editor Yvonne Zanos puts it to the test.

Sherri Lynn Dunik, of the South Side, loves eggs and bacon and she eats at least one hardboiled egg and two slices of bacon everyday. She agreed to help test out the Egg Genie.

“I wanted to see if this would be easier than boiling water and eggs and overcooking eggs on the stovetop,” said Dunik.

The Egg Genie comes with a water tray, an egg tray with a steel pin attached, an egg poacher and a steam lid. The test starts with two soft-boiled eggs.

Not every one puts holes in their eggs before boiling, but the Egg Genie does. The directions say to poke holes in the pointy ends of the eggs. Then, place the eggs on the egg tray, cover it and plug it in.

After that, it’s a waiting game until the steam evaporates and a buzzer goes off.

When it does, the result is that the white of the egg is gently solid and the yellow is runny – a perfect soft-boiled egg.

Next up is medium-cooked eggs.

Following the same procedure, only a little more water is added this time and eight minutes later, the buzzer goes off.

This time the whites are cooked and the yellows are formed – another good result.

Then, it’s on to hardboiled eggs. Following the procedure again, 13 minutes later, the Egg Genie makes four hard-cooked eggs. Dunik says they come out perfectly done.

Next, she tests four pouched eggs and they turn out great as well. Dunik says she is impressed with the Egg Genie and would pay $19.99 for one.

However, order the Egg Genie online and it comes with a free gift – the Bacon Wave – free if you pay $6.99 shipping and handling.

The directions say you cook a slice per minute. So, six slices in six minutes is the test. The bacon is lined up in the slots and held in place with a plastic rod, and then it’s into the microwave.

And 11 and a half minutes later, the bacon looks just the way Dunik likes it – well-done and crispy. But when it comes to taking the skewers out, the heat melted the plastic.

It cooked the plastic,” said Dunik. “The plastic just pulls off.”

Dunik is stunned by the result.

“The Egg Genie worked well, but this [the Bacon Wave] is definitely dangerous,” she says. “Definitely, a thumbs down.”

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