PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – We’ve all been there, fighting to open packages that are determined to stay sealed. Just about everything seems to overwrapped and blister-wrapped to make Christmas morning a rough one on parents.There’s a new product that promises to do away with all of that and make opening plastic wrapped products easier than ever.

KDKA’s Consumer Editor Yvonne Zanos set out to discover if the Package Shark is as advertised.

She asked customers at the Cranberry Township Costco to give it a try.

Immediately, they ran into a problem.

Before they can test the Package Shark, they had to get it out of the package. The problem is that the Package Shark comes in the same plastic wrap it is supposed to help open.

Dawn uses a pair of keys and a lot of elbow work, but she cuts her finger in the process.

Once they finally got the Package Shark out of the package, they began testing it.

The instructions say just attach it to the item you want opened, slide and your package is open.

Just like the commercial said, it did work the very first time. However, when it comes to every time after they had no luck

So even though it really did do that once or twice, the Package Shark did not get a thumbs up from Zanos and Dawn.

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