PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Twin Draft Guard promises to keep you warm and save you money by stopping all of those cold drafts from blowing in around your doors and windows.But does it really do that?

With two young children at home, Nickie Manning says keeping winter at bay is especially important.

“With these Mount Lebanon houses – they’re old and charming – but they definitely can be drafty. So, when I saw the product, I thought, ‘That’s something I have to try.'”

The infomercial calls the Twin Draft Guard, “the insulating miracle that’s guaranteed to create an air-tight seal.”

So, using the unscientific method of a piece of saran wrap, a pretty strong draft could be seen coming through the front door of Manning’s home.

An anemometer proved it – with the wind coming through at almost a full mile an hour.

The first step in putting together the Twin Draft Guard is getting a custom fit. Manning decides to start on the side door, which is another drafty spot in her home.

Manning has to trim the foam tubes before sliding them into the pockets. After a few fits and starts, it was time for the big test.

From first appearances, the draft was stopped dead in its tracks.

“I don’t really feel a draft,” she says. “It’s cold, but that’s because it’s freezing outside.”

However, back around at the front door, the Twin Draft Guard doesn’t stay in place.

“Here’s the big reveal. This one doesn’t stay in place at all on the door,” she says. “At least the other one stayed on the door jamb; this doesn’t even stay on that. It doesn’t work as well in this door. You can put it and keep it in place, but you’d have to reinstall it each time.”

And with her hands full between her kids and the family dog, that’s not exactly an option for Manning.

“The front door, it didn’t even stay in place at all; whereas the kitchen door, it did stay put,” says Manning. “But I’m not going to install it each time. That’d just be a hassle.”

So, while the Twin Draft Guard did keep the cold air out of her kitchen door, it didn’t exactly hold up to its other promise.

“Half the time, I’d say. Depends on your door because the one door, it did. The other door, it did not,” added Manning. “So, I’d say give it a try and see if it works on your particular doors.”

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