PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – With young Brianna around the house, Carole Stroup says there’s one room that’s especially tough to keep clean.

“The bathroom,” she said. “You got to make sure she doesn’t go down the steps or you have to wait until she takes a nap, so you have to wait for that exact time so it gets really difficult to keep on a schedule.”

The biggest problem? What lurks down the drain.

“My hair sheds, so our bathtub drain gets clogged up pretty quickly and quite often and I think the sink does as well because it takes a while to drain out, but [ I ] completely think it’s my fault with my hair,” Carole said.

And while she’s tried chemicals like Drano, she’s never seen anything like the Turbo Snake.

“The fastest, easiest way to unclog any drain in your bathroom guaranteed,” the commercial claims. “Simply slide the Turbo Snake down the drain, give it a twirl, and the Turbo Snake grabs the clog and frees the drain. It’s that easy.”

There are two sizes – a small one for the sink, a larger one for the tub. But right off the bat, the instructions are a bit misleading. It looks like they left out a word: “Turbo Snake glides past most pop-up drain stoppers, so need to remove them.”

“But then in the picture, you’re not removing them, so that’s where I’m confused,” Carole said. “But we’ll try it using the picture.”

After checking out Carole’s slow-moving sink, we tried out the smaller snake.

“It’s a good maintenance tool I think for the sink, but that one’s going to be the interesting one, the tub,” Carole said.

But one size doesn’t fit all.

“Well, this one does not fit because I have the drain with the holes going around it. This one already doesn’t fit. So we might have to try the sink one because I can’t even get it through,” Carole said. “There we go, the sink one fits a little bit better.”

And it did the trick.

Jim Lokay: “So Turbo Snake – we tried it twice. We tried it on the sink, tried it on the tub – does it really do that?”

Carole: “I would say yeah, I’d use it again, it’s better than using chemicals, and it’s quick. Look at that. Jim Lokay, you really unclogged my drain.”

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