Get to know Robert Mangino through 10 Questions posed by KDKA Program Director, Marshall Adams!

Robert Mangino’s workday shifts exactly 12 hours with his new job at NewsRadio 1020 KDKA. Previously, he hosted 6-10 am at WKBN-AM, the news-talk giant in Youngstown, Ohio. Now he’s cracking the mic 6-10 pm on his KDKA show that starts tonight, Monday, Feb. 15, 2010. He talked about everything from politics to pizza when asked 10 Questions by KDKA’s program director, Marshall Adams.

 Q: Let’s pretend we’re speed-dating. Please introduce yourself.

A: Well, I’m 41 years old. Was born, raised and lived in New Castle except for the four years I lived in El Paso, Texas. Since we’re pretending we’re speed-dating, I kind of feel like I’m cheating. Is this cheating? I’d hate to throw away 20 years of marriage to Diana, whom I adore over something as meaningless as speed-dating. What if my daughter Rachel finds out? She’s just a teenager. I’m not sure she would understand. How about we keep this part just between us?

 Q: How long will your commute be from New Castle to Pittsburgh? What are the cheapest gas stations along the way?

A: Considering I will not hit rush hour traffic either way, it should be right about an hour. The best place to get gas is a little station in New Castle near my home. It’s a full-service station at self-serve prices – how do you beat that! But if I’m in a pinch, the Wexford exit off I-79 will work.

 Q: When is your birthday and what other famous people share that day?

A: June 19th. Lou Gehrig, Guy Lombardo and King James – the guy whose name is on the Bible.

 Q: What’s on your Facebook page?

A: I don’t post a lot of personal items on my Facebook page. I probably should post more. I do like postings, though. Like the one that’s up now that reads, “I’m on KDKA tonight 6 to 10.”

 Q: We hear you have a background in the pizza industry. Please explain.

A: Back in the early 90s, my uncle and I had the crazy idea that New Castle – of all places – needed another pizza shop. It was a great learning experience. First, we learned New Castle really didn’t need another pizza shop. We also learned the best way to get people to work for you is to appreciate them, and let them see you do whatever it is you want them to do – including taking out the trash and cleaning the toilets.

 Q: Please list the three most embarrassing songs on your iPod.

A: I don’t have any embarrassing songs on my iPod. In fact, I don’t have an iPod or an mp3 player. It’s all about talk for me.

 Q: When you go to the movies, do you leave your snack trash on the dark floor, or do you put it in the waste container outside the theater?

A: Seriously?! You really want to know that. Let me guess, boxers or briefs is your next question, isn’t it? OK, OK. I carry it to the trash can outside the theater. It just seems like the right thing to do.

 Q: Our Employee Relations department won’t let me ask whether you wear boxers or briefs. But I can ask you this: Describe your politics. Are you left, right or in the middle? How important are politics to a talk show?

A: Personally, I live my life to the right of most. However, I don’t believe the government should compel people to live as “right” as I do. Because of that, there will be times when conservatives will be convinced I’m a liberal, and when liberals will be certain I’m a conservative. When it comes to politics – whether national, state or local – it’s important to the extent it impacts people’s lives or compels a response. Politics for the sake of politics is not what my show will be about.

 Q: Imagine this: You’ve been given the opportunity to send a Twitter message to Barack Obama, and he will personally read it. You have only 140 characters. What will you tweet?

A: “Ur political nmies r defining u. Wouldn’t u prefer 2 b rejected for what u stand 4 rather than 4 what others say u stand 4? I would.” Does that fit?

 Q: You grew up listening to us. What is the most memorable thing you ever heard on KDKA?

A: Oh, this one is easy. The Farkleberry cookie promotions for Children’s Hospital. Fred being told what he can do with his damn turkey. But most of all, Perry Marshall saying, “Hello, Robert, you’re on KDKA” to me when I was 13 years old.

 Q: This is a bonus question. In Haiku form, please tell us what kind of show you will be doing on KDKA.

A: Am I missing something? What is Haiku? Oh OK, it’s a three-sentence Japanese poem. The first sentence is five syllables, the second is seven syllables and the third is five. OK here it goes:

I intend to talk

With the people of Pittsburgh

About what we think

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