PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – In the latest installment of Does It Really Do That? KDKA’s Jim Lokay put the Ove Glove to the test.

Kurt Salmon’s been serving up steak for almost three decades.

“Gets a little hectic, you’ll have 30 to 40 steaks on the grill. Somehow you just know how they are,” Salmon said.

He started in the kitchen at age 15, and worked his way up to become the owner of the Winchester Room in North Versailles.

He’s a guy who can stand the heat.

“Your hands get used to it. You get calloused up. You take a week off and come back, you’ll know it. Your hands get soft again,” Salmon said.

And on a busy day, anything can happen.

A lot of burns. A few cuts, cutting meat. The burns, it gets so hot your skin just comes apart. It takes a while to heal, and it hurts a while when you do have the injuries,” Salmon said.

KDKA’s Jim Lokay thought Salmon would be the perfect guy to try out the Ove Glove.

“I would be leery grabbing a hot rack. I don’t know if it works or it doesn’t work,” Salmon said.

Between the oven and the grill, he deals with some serious heat.

“The grill itself gets about 500 degrees easily,” Salmon said.

However the first impression is that the glove is not a perfect fit.

“A little awkward for me. Bulky. Feels like a winter glove,” Salmon said.

The first test was the oven without the glove where even the front was hot to the touch.

With the glove on he said it made a difference than had he grabbed the hot rack barehanded.

The next test was on top of the stove with some boiling bisque.

“I couldn’t pick them up bare-handed. We’d use a bar towel or something,” Salmon said.

But with the Ove Glove it was a different story.

“That’s too hot to do. There’s no problem there. The water’s boiling, so it’s 220 degrees in there,” Salmon said.

But, what about those claims that it’s heat resistant? Salmon said it is and that the Ove Glove does really do that.

“Plus, they’re not dealing with the same heat and intensity. I think we gave it a more rugged test than someone would do at home and I think it would work well,” Salmon said.

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