sean salisbury1 Sean Salisbury Discusses James Harrison Hit and Fine

Former NFL Quarterback Sean Salisbury joined Seibel and Starkey to talk about the hits James Harrison had against the Browns this weekend, as well as the other controversial hits from around the NFL.  Being an offensive player himself, you’d think he would take issue with the shots to the head, but Sean hates how much the NFL is doing to protect these guys. 

James Harrison is another guy that disagrees with how much the offensive players are protected, and in fact said he’s contemplating retirement since he can’t play his game.  Sean said Harrison is just stunned by the fine he received and his concern with how his play will be affected is what led him to make those comments.

On the other end of the spectrum, Sean said the hit Patriots Safety Brandon Meriweather put on Ravens Tight End is the exact type of play that needs to be taken out of the game.  Sean also believes that if you’re not flagged on a play, like in the James Harrison hits, then you shouldn’t be fined.

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