Ed Bouchette Previews Steelers-Dolphins and the James Harrison Hits

ed bouchette1 Ed Bouchette Previews Steelers Dolphins and the James Harrison Hits

Ed Bouchete joined Seibel and Starkey for the first of his weekly interviews every Friday at 4:22pm.  Ed discussed his article in the Post Gazette in which he sat down with Art Rooney, and the Steelers owner said he does not agree with the NFL’s ruling on James Harrisons’ hit and the team will support his appeal of the $75,000 fine.

The guys also had Ed help them preview Sunday’s matchup with the Dolphins, and Ed talked about the Dolphins passing game and how it will attack the Steelers secondary.  

Ed also discussed Rashard Mendenhall saying there should be real concern that Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin might be using him too much and that the wheels could fall off.


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  1. bruce bostjanick says:

    I am a little upset that the NFL has decided to step in like big brother and stop the violence on hard hits in the NFL. It is absolutely ridiculous….. On one hand, James Harrison gets the Defensive Player of the week and a $5000 fine for hitting the Titans Quarterback. There were also photos of these hits being sold and money being made by the NFL. Oh yea, they did pull the pics once they were told about it but they have taken no action on their own. The NFL has no formal plan but why make this an issue right now? Can you say 2011 contract negotiation?
    There has long been evidence connecting N.F.L. football and dementia but the NFL has tried to look the other way. People like Mike Webster were treated poorly and ignored even though scientific evidence was provided. Webster’s dementia was not caused because of a few concussions, but was due to the 1000’s of snaps and ramming that occurred at scrimmage on every play. However, the NFL refused to do anything about the evidence that was presented on many occasions. It was recommended that all linemen should not start in the 3-point stance and should start standing up to avoid the collisions. The NFL ignored and did nothing.
    If I am a defensive person, you have now put me in jeopardy of getting hurt every time I need to worry about whether the offensive player repositions his head prior to impact. In order to be fair here, let’s make all offensive players run upright and not lead through the hole with their head down.
    Are the NFL guy’s nuts? They need to talk to the public and get this right!
    One pissed fan….

  2. bruce bostjanick says:

    Maybe football should wear laser detectors and if the illegal areas are hit, the players helmet lights up and the player must sit for 5 minutes like hockey. Fines are rediculous, but a penalty like hockey maight make sense…

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