By Joe Starkey

Marc-Andre Fleury sat down for a one-on-one interview with Joe Starkey and talked about how tough it was getting pulled just 6:56 into the game against Phoenix, and said this stretch is the toughest of his career. 

Fleury made it clear that it wasn’t his choice to be taken out – he just does what the coach tells him and the team won, which is the most important thing, so he was happy.  When asked why he kept his mask on, Fleury said he didn’t have his hat nearby, but joked that he didn’t want people to be able to read his lips.

Joe and Marc-Andre also discussed what the best way for the Pens goaltender to get back into a rhythm would be.  Fleury said the best way to regain his form is by playing through it, but added that isn’t his decision to make.

Penguins Defenseman Brooks Orpik also talked with Joe and discussed what Marc-Andre Fleury has been going through, and what the team can do to help him out of this slump.  Brooks admitted that this isn’t all on Fleury, and that the defense needs to help take the pressure off him by managing the puck better and allowing him to face some easier shots early into games to help him get into a rhythm.

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