Battle Brewing Over Braddock Night Spot

By: Ralph Iannotti

BRADDOCK (KDKA) — A surveillance camera was rolling the other night when Braddock Mayor John Fetterman drove up to a bar in his truck, got out and then proceeded to switch around letters on a sign near the front door of Club 804.

Instead of the sign reading: “Closed for renovations – will reopen soon,” Fetterman changed some letters to read: “We will not be reopening soon.”

“He had no right to touch our property,” Collins said. “I’m not going to run away. I have big plans for this club and I will see them through with or without the mayor’s cooperation,” the new owner of the nightspot, Cardell Collins, told KDKA-TV.

Collins thinks his plans for a new night club and for a liquor license from the state are being hampered by Fetterman.

As for Fetterman, he describes the nightclub as a nuisance bar and the scene of numerous recent troubles, including two people shot outside the club last month.

“We’re going after the club with vigor because it’s public nuisance No. 1 in our community,” Fetterman said.

Jesse Brown, the president of the Braddock Borough Council, and who seldom sees eye-to-eye with Fetterman, said he didn’t know why the mayor was so adamant about closing the club and he didn’t think council was of Fetterman’s opinion about the night spot.


One Comment

  1. staystrongbelieve says:

    he was caught red handed!!! camera’s dont lie just goes to show is character! #fraud!

    1. JONNY B says:


  2. Wow,he is a Mayor. Check the ballot says:

    The Mayor was caught on camera! So isn’t he what you would consider a thug? He moves at night with deceitful intentions, right? It is not the club, violence is everywhere. It is just that the news reports what they want you to see. That is why it is called TEL-LIE-VISION. Violence is everywhere, Dormont, Mt. Washington, and Monroeville. Did the Mayor think that this type of establishment would not have this type of sophisticated security equipment? GOT YA! Pittsburgh is started to have alot of up coming business owners. Why is that the Mayor of McKeesport did not want to shut down the theater when that violence occurred? To all of the leaders in PITTSBURGH: Times are change so you need to change your time.

    Young people travel outside of PGH see other cities make your world huge. Violence is not the answer but maturity is the way!

    1. Bob says:

      This sounds like it was written by someone with about 5 years of education. There is no sentence structure and you don’t make any point.
      Please leave the area, there are enough people poor communication skills trying to be clever.

      1. Jimbo says:

        “People poor communication skills?” Now who looks like the illiterate one? I think it’s time for you to leave the area. If you love Pittsburgh so much, learn to speak in the colloquial.

  3. Felicity says:

    I must agree with Bob in regards to the first comment. You should have someone proofread your comments before you post them. Also, you are posting incoherent thoughts with absolutely no supporting evidence or facts. You are certainly not helping your cause in any way with this type of juvenile communication.

  4. John Johnston says:

    Very poor acts to be a mayor.

    1. PittGirl says:

      Mayor Fetterman’s behavior shows extreme courage. It’s unfortunate that there are only a handful of politians like him. Almost makes me want to move to Braddock. (well, I won’t go that far :-). But he is awesome!

  5. Rebekah says:

    I think that Mayor John did the correct thing and is continuing to do so with this bar. He is worried about the safety and the increase in crime if the bar is completed and reopened. I think it’s nice to have a Mayor who cares SO much about his community! I would support him in “rearranging letters” any day. At least he wasn’t out spray painting or gunning someone down over the silly matters.

  6. Fan says:

    I wish I had this man for mayor of my city. If you watched the interview, he clearly stated he was aware that there were cameras. At one point, he even waived at them. Maybe they can use their cameras to identify the numerous shootings, the murder, the underage drinking and the drug activity occurring there. Kudos Mayor Fetterman!

  7. Braddock Resident says:

    Club Elegance? ha! It should be called Club Disgusting! The place doesn’t even clean up their front sidewalk the day after their events. I have to jump over cans and garbage on my way to the bus stop every morning. Not to mention all the shootings – there were two rounds shot less than a month ago! Keep up the fight Mayor John! We don’t want them in our neighborhood!

    1. Mike says:

      You dont have anything in that neighborhood it is a ghost town it needs to be condeemed the whole town we as tax payers are tired of carrying run down town such as braddock step up as a community and get someone in there who will bring bussinesses to your community

  8. Anita says:

    If you do not know what this mayor wants for his town….go to youtube and check out Mayor Fetterman and Levi Jeans. It is worth the time!

  9. bruceUSA says:

    Wish Pittsburgh”s mayor had the huevos to get rid of the casino blight that isn’t doing anything it promised!!! (for seniors)

  10. Reece003 says:

    I think he took the wrong action by sneaking it makes me wonder why a man with maybe the most power in Braddock has to go around changing signs in the middle of the night? I want a leader who goes thru the proper channels to take care of solutions, not a vigilante!!! check my grammar I dont care spelling whatever. Its about the 804 and the Mayor not my Education. If he owned that bar and someone tampered with it they would be arrested. The Bar is, and I repeat it is a problem, use the law to shut it down.

  11. Let's Be Realistic says:

    This bar is a nuisance bar and is well known for catering to underage drinkers. Also, I highly doubt Fetterman was sneaking around. Fetterman is quite a large and noticeable man- I think it’s pretty much impossible for him to hide. If you know anything about Braddock, and are not part of the problems associated with the area, you would support what this mayor has done.

  12. Its time to see change in Braddock not more bars says:

    At one time Braddock had more Bars then stores, I am with PittGirl and “Lets Be Realistic” I grow up in Braddock so I can say this Mayor has changed Braddock in many ways. This Mayour handed out bikes to the kids in the area. Now ask Mr. Jesse Brown what has he done for the kids in the last 20 years. I can tell you if your not sure, NOTHING AT ALL, NOT ONE THING. Mr. Fetterman keep doing what you do you got my vote. Wake up people that lived in Braddock over the last 20 years what have you seen before this Mayour showed up. Bars, Crack, and death.

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