CARRICK (KDKA) – Nine people were taken to local hospitals for treatment today after high levels of carbon monoxide were found inside of an apartment building in Carrick.

The building is located in the 1600-block of Brownsville Road.

According to the landlord, the building was rented out to three people, but there were nine people inside when the carbon monoxide was detected.

Officials say a woman inside called 911 before 11 a.m., complaining of lightheadedness and dizziness. They were advised to leave the building immediately.

“I think that they were very fortunate that they discovered the situation when they did,” said Rizieri Valles, a paramedic. “I’m not sure, but had they stayed in the structure much longer with parts per million of CO 400 or so, it may have been a very different circumstance here.”

Officials say the nine people affected were taken to Allegheny General Hospital and UPMC Presbyterian Hospital for treatment.

The woman who called 911 reportedly passed out twice at the scene. She is in her 50s. The other people in the building were between the ages of 14 and 19. They are all expected to recover.

The building is being ventilated and Columbia Gas is investigating the source of the carbon monoxide.

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