By David Highfield

MONONGAHELA (KDKA) — Police say a woman stole $84,000 in lottery scratch-off tickets and gift certificates from a Foodland store in Monongahela.

Theresa Lee Hughes, 55, is in Maryland now, but police expect her to return to face charges.

“That’s a staggering dollar amount,” Washington County District Attorney Steve Toprani said.

Police say Hughes was an assistant manager at the store when she allegedly stole the lottery scratch-off tickets over the course of two years and that she had hoped to win enough to cover the cost of the tickets and pocket the extra.

But when that didn’t work out, Toprani says it’s alleged that she stole gift cards from the store to balance the books.

She was fired when the store detected what was allegedly going on. Police say she then moved to Maryland, but is expected to return for a hearing in January.

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