Pittsburgh Pirates President Frank Coonelly joined the Fan Morning Show to talk about the hiring of new Pirates manger Clint Hurdle. Coonelly talked about what the term “All In” means to him and the Pirates organization after Hurdle looked at him during the press conference and asked if Coonelly and the Pirates were all in.

Hurdle, and Pirates organization were introduced to fans while they were at the Penguins game last night versus the Rangers. Hurdle told Pirate fans that the most important thing is more wins for this team, than developing young players.

Coonelly told Jim Colony what the Pirates are doing in the off season to improve the pitching rotation. Coonelly said the free agent market is pretty thin this year and the Pirates don’t want to over pay for mediocre pitching that won’t help improve the team, so they will need to look more from the farm system for pitching help.

Coonelly thinks Hurdle will have a positive affect on this team that will translate to wins. He has a good way to motivate players to play to their maximum level for 162 games, he is also proven winner in Colorado and that is was the Pirates were looking for. If the players don’t buy into his way of thinking then the Pirates might have to move in a different direction with that player, Coonelly said.

Charlie Morton and Brad Lincoln had struggles last year in the starting rotation and Coonelly thinks they will be productive players this upcoming year as they are working hard this off season.

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