Girl, 18, Dies After Seven Fields Shooting

SEVEN FIELDS  (KDKA) – Police are investigating after an 18-year-old girl was shot and killed in Seven Fields Tuesday night.

According to police, the shooting happened around 9:30 p.m. in the 100-block of Woodhaven Road.

The victim has been identified as Courtney Daily, 18, of Colorado Springs, Colo.

Police have arrested Eric Rutledge, 18, and have charged him with one count of criminal homicide.

Rutledge said he had been friends with the Daily since a young age and that the shooting was a tragic accident.

The mother of the suspect said that her son could not have possibly hurt someone that he loved very much.

“Upon their arrival, they found Eric Rutledge, who resides at that residence, in the foyer area. Officers located an 18-year-old female, Courtney Daily, in the upstairs bedroom with a gunshot wound to the upper body. She was transported by medical chopper to UPMC Presbyterian where she was pronounced dead at 12:32 this morning,” Cranberry Township Police Sergeant Chuck Mascellino said.

As doctors lost the fight to save her life, Rutledge was accused of murder and was taken to the Butler County Jail.

“He is hysterical. He’s in jail right now. He’s crying. He didn’t mean to do anything like that,” Lillie Rutledge said.

eric rutledge Girl, 18, Dies After Seven Fields Shooting

Erik Rutledge (Photo Credit: KDKA)

The Rutledges had just moved to the area about a month ago from Colorado. Daily was in town to visit.

“Courtney and him have been really close friends, like I said, from the third grade. It wasn’t intentional at all. They were playing around. They were watching a scary movie on [television]. And then they had that rifle and they thought it was – it was just something they were wrestling around with and it went off,” Lillie Rutledge said.

However, court records show that they were both pointing the gun at each other and asking if they could shoot themselves or possibly someone else.

Thinking the gun wasn’t loaded, he pulled the trigger.

“They had no reason to do anything to purposely injure themselves or hurt her. And right now Eric still doesn’t believe that she’s gone,” Lillie Rutledge said.

Police are still investigating if the shooting was just an accident.

Lillie Rutledge said alcohol did play a role in the incident.

Daily was only staying at the home for a brief time as she was on her way to her grandmother’s house to make amends after a life-long disagreement.

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One Comment

  1. Reed says:

    People, get rid of your stupid guns and save a life. Ridiculous!

    1. Linda says:

      it’s not to guns, its the person handling the GUN! Get real.

    2. justin says:

      guns dont kill people, dumb butts who shouldnt be touching them do

    3. jamie rutledge says:

      You don’t know my brother yes ERIC RUTLEDGE what you ignorant people believing what you see on the new to be true is wrong curse my family and then burn in hell. what we are going threw is mire than anyone should ever have to so all you heartless b****** no no no fax whatsoever stay the f*** outta my family’s business your 2 cents is not needed it’s actual b******* o

  2. Jimmy says:

    Wow.. That’s a scary thought I live only 3 minutes away from there 😦

    Sary fact knowing peole anywhere could have a gun, you never know they may be killers too..

    It’s probaly a sex story, they have known eachother for a long time.. Guy likes girl.. Girl doesn’t like guy.. He gets mad and kills her..

  3. Brian says:

    Yeah, everyone get rid of your guns because someone was too stupid to know how to use one safely….

  4. Rachel says:

    I live on this street and I was afraid to leave my house until i heard it might have been accidental. Still scary though. didn’t know what the sirens were all about until my aunt called and said someone got shot on my street

    1. Nicole says:

      I also live on the street and didnt hear or see anything until I saw police lights. Scary that this happened. moved to this area to avoid this kind of stuff.

      1. Jason says:

        “this kind of stuff”?????? like it was a murder?! Two ppl playing with a gun who have not the common sense to know not to point it at another human being. That is what you moved here to get away from? If you’re moving places to avoid accidents, and people with problems… you’re going to see the rest of the world soon enough. As for the rest of you and gun control… have fun with that battle. you just sound dumb. We know it as an accident unless otherwise told. It’s tragic and unfortunate. Just pray for the families, they need it.

  5. adfb says:

    It’s not the gun’s fault. It’s simple common sense. Don’t point a gun at another person. Now this kid has to live with the consequence for the rest of his life.
    I’m tired of people saying “We need tougher gun laws! Get rid of the guns!” Well, a gun sitting in a case won’t shoot anyone just like a knife in a drawer won’t jump out and stab anyone. But you never hear about tougher knife laws or even laws against cars involved in drunk driving accidents. It’s the person behind the wheel causing the grief – just like the person behind the gun.

    1. Brian says:


    2. Jim says:

      Getting rid off guns is against the constitution! people just need to be more aware of the dangers of a gun and just having the safty on is never enough to make it safe.

    3. Linda says:

      totally agreed!

  6. Pam says:

    he has to live with that for the rest of his life .knowing that he shot his friend of 15 yrs by accident.

  7. raegen says:

    adfb….. I agree 100% with what you wrote. Loaded guns in the wrong hands are very dangerous. If you have a license to carry – then have the firearm locked in a secure area. Again adfb I concur.

    Hometownhero – what kind of “smart” comment are you looking for? Sounds like you are looking to make this a race thing. Sad.

    1. rob says:

      Dont pull out the damn race card thats just stupid not everything revolves around racism racism isnt as big these days as it used to be so stop trying to make people feel sorry for you

      1. rob says:

        it is very sad and probably a huge accident best regards to the victims family

  8. raegen says:

    Pam – how you can you be sure at this point that it was an accident? The FAMILY of the girl that died at the hands of an old friend (who obviously can not aim )- intruder or not – the girl was shot to death. That is what the FAMILY of the girl must live with.

  9. J says:

    Wake up people That gun did not kill anybody ! Saying guns kill people is like a fork made Oprah fat . When you have firearms you need to have common sense period.

  10. Becky says:

    The helicopter landed in the field below my house! I still can’t believe this happend in my ‘safe” neighborhood!

  11. Missy says:

    I am disgusted with the headline image for this story. Do we really need to glorify this horrible incident by using an image of shell casing and scope cross hairs with FATAL SHOOTING in caps and a bullet hole tearing through the image? Looks more like a cheap movie poster than a sad true story of someone’s unfortunate death. It is offensive to the family and friends of the young girl – truly poor judgement on KDKA’s part.

    1. Linda says:

      I totally agree. I very poor taste.

    2. Tim Shields says:

      I agree that the news needs to change what they show. Instead of showing croos hairs of a gun sight, can’t you just say a young woman died from a gunshot? And is it just me or does the news ALWAYS rhyme the headlines?
      Also how can a woman’s breast be offensive, but showing a dead body from a shooting or a war os deemed okay by the media? I don;t get it.
      Having stiffer gun laws WILL NOT PREVENT murder.
      If the person or persons want to shoot they will. Trust me on this one .
      My mother was murdered 18 years ago today due to domestic violence. So i have a little insight of what the surviving family members are going thru. While this may be a accidential shooting, the pain from it will go on for a lifetime. TRUST ME!!

  12. D says:

    Does anyone know what house number it was?

    1. nicole says:

      another news station said 100

  13. Manor/ Rutledge says:

    I am a family member of Eric & a friend to the victim & her family.. I am disturbed by some of your comments… It was not a Sex Story what so ever, I am amazed that you would be so rude as to post such a thing. It is a tragedy & it shocks & saddens all of us.

    Btw Missy I agree hopefully soon it will be replaced with a more appropriate picture

  14. rip daily says:

    they say that the 18 year old boy was a criminal in colorodo i wonder how he got this gun more of the story seems to unfold every hour a life for a life is what i say i hope they put him in prison for a long time the rest of his life my heart goes out to the girl and her family

  15. expittsburgh says:

    Another perspective:

    First off, you NEVER aim a gun at anything you’re not willing to have DESTROYED. Second, what does “thinking the safety was on” when you think it’s unloaded? Sounds very fishy. He’s an IDIOT for pointing a gun at someone. That is not an accident, it’s stupidity.

  16. voiceofreason says:

    I find the “intruder” explanation a bit questionable. With the strong winds last evening, a variety of sounds could be heard (branches breaking, garbage cans blowing around, etc). One with reasonable logic could deduce that the unusual “intruder” noise was attributed to the wind.

    It is certainly easy to point a finger at someone while they’re down, but there were some instances of vandalism over the summer. While I’m not accusing Mr. Ruteledge, I wonder how long ago the family moved from CO?

    I am also curious if the family had purchased this home, or if they were leasing. While I am sure there are many great residents that live on Woodhaven, the prices of the homes that are located there certainly make them attractive to use as rental investments. I’d guess the rents are in the $800 range, which is low for the Cranberry area. One can also assume that the owners do not utilize the type of screening process that managed communities use. I am obviously being presumptuous and stereotypical, but it may be something to take into consideration regarding the lifestyles and behaviors of some residents — certain pricing attracts certain people.

    While it is unsettling that this happened so close to the street that I live on, I understand that crime and violence know no boundaries. It is my sincerest hope that this truly was an accident. My condolences to the families and friends who were affected by this tragic event.

  17. shygirl says:

    first off where they messed up is moving to pa in the first place it a black hole that sucks u in and once u are in u cant get out i i am from out west and there we raise our kids to love each other ur neighbor is a safe place like family since been here have to change it all to where dont trust anyone no matter who they are .

  18. JonnyB says:

    It looks like the education system out in the west is superb as well. Complete sentences are your friend.

  19. Kate says:

    Yeah … right … if it would have happened in Homes Wood it would have been “another young black man” …. yadda, yadda, yadda … get out of the ghetto and into reality!

  20. CitizenX says:

    Im sick and tired of hearing people say to “get rid of” guns. That is the most assanine statement one can make! All that would do is give criminals, who wont get rid of theirs, an easier opportunity to victimize law abiding citizens. As for this case, my thoughts are mixed. The story that this kid is giving authorities sounds to me like a quickly made up attempt at an involuntary manslaughter reduction. Anyone who knows firearms knows that you never point a gun, loaded or not, towards anything you dont want to destroy. Id also like to know more about the owner of the weapon, living situation, and previous criminal charges against the actor. (From what I can see in PA there are no previous). My guess from what I am aware of, which I will not specify because of my job constraints, is this was actually some type of altercation that went bad. All I can say is that this sort of thing happens on a daily basis, and I personally am pretty much amune to it. Im sure we will see more details on this story over the next few days, guess just wait to hear.

  21. shygirl says:

    JonnyB yea it is least we have schooling that can teach us unlike here the only thing they teach is dealing drugs act like (these kind folks) here. kinda sad when u move up here and everyone tells u including the cops need something done about problems u find ur local drug king. i ams a sorry master is am a going to fast for u!

  22. voiceofreason says:

    shygirl, I’m not sure why you are referencing drug kings in this story, nor do I understand what this has to do with trusting neighbors. I have only lived in the Pittsburgh area for a year and a half, but I can assuredly say that that many people are very kind, trustworthy, and down to Earth.

    Furthermore, what happened last night involved individuals who recently came from the intellectual paradise you refer to as the West. PA did not taint them — it was the alcohol… at least that’s what the 18 year olds’ mother says, right? Yup, real responsible “out west” parenting there, shygirl.

    Us “black hole” PA dwellers do not consider this behavior to be the work of the “local drug king.” Instead, it is defined by two words: First one starts with a W; the second a T. The unfortunate outcome is the death of a very young woman, and an undeserving black mark on an outstanding community.

  23. expittsburgh says:

    According to the criminal complaint he was the one that put the shell in the gun…but he didn’t think it was loaded? For that to be true then that means he knows nothing about how to use a gun, in which case he had no business handling it. The story gets stranger with each update.

    My condolensces to the family.

  24. shygirl says:

    THATS ALOT OF BLACK MARKS and as far as you only being here a yr and a half give it time Pa WILL DRAIN THE LIFE OUT OF YOU.

    1. Jon Smith says:

      A lot is 2 words-not 1. Did PA drain you of corrent grammar/spelling as well??

    2. Brian says:

      shygirl…. Perhaps you should move back out west? We wish you would! 🙂

  25. Concered says:

    Who on earth ever thought that this was a good idea allowing people to comment on the news stories? I understand that eveyone has an opinion and I respect that but these two young people have familes. Show some respect. Accident, purpose….doesn’t matter and is not for me to judge.

  26. Rebecca Garon says:


    Concerned…do you really need to ask that question? Thats all the news is – other peoples mis-fortunes and DRAMA!! Sadly, that’s what the people want and that’s what the media gives!

  27. Craig says:


    You are totally correct. I too live on Woodhaven in the 200 section. I have said for years that this first block of homes is an eye sore in our neighborhood. When giving dreictions to my home I actually steer people to come in the other entrance to Woodhaven because I am embarrased of those homes.

    I found out today that this entire block of homes are ALL rentals. They look horrible. It’s funny how the 200 section is well maintained? Even the handful of rentals in the 200 block seem to be owned by responsable landlords and lease to responsable people. I would like to know if this 100 block is all one landlord?

    If so, he is a slumlord and Castle Creek Home Owners Association should hold this landlord accountable!!! What else am I paying my dues for?

    1. Tim Shields says:

      Yeah thats right, killings only happen in poor looking areas! Are you kidding me? Murders happen everywhere, any town, big or small. And believe it or not most shooting, stabbings start as a domestic violence. Just look at the 3 pittsburgh cops that were killed. The call came in as a son and mother dispute. Guess what? That is a Domestic call. That turned into violence. Deadly violence.

    2. N says:

      i live in the 120 section and I own my home and it well maintained as well as a few that are around me as well.

  28. Dawn says:

    Yea he was colored….God painted him white….

  29. voiceofreason says:


    While I do not live on Woodhaven, I believe we’re all under the same HOA which meets every second Tuesday of the month. I’m going to guess there may be a larger turnout at the next meeting due to this. While I do not put any blame on the Association or Board for what happened last night, it may be time for the covenants and by-laws to be reviewed.

    I do know that other associations in the area have stipulations in their covenants that state the type of rentals, length of lease, etc, an owner can utilize their home for. I am curious if a requirement could be added for owners to check criminal history, credit and income verification (all three would need to meet a certain minimum criteria) for a tenant to be “approved” to live in the community. It would be no different than what any of the rental communities in the area use to qualify their residents.

    Not that I believe things are necessarily “bad,” but this situation brings out in the open what many feel to be the questionable area of Seven Fields.

  30. Craig says:


    Very good point. Where I have been complacent over the years when I get those meeting notices… I think I will be attending this time. It’s a shame that a tragedy like this one is what it took to get me involved but it did. After speaking with a couple neighbors I think there will be at least a few of us that will be totally supportive of these measures!

    It also goes beyond just leasing issues like you said but things as simple as picking up after your dog in public areas(I make sure to do this which is simply being respectful to your community) also leaving trash cans out for days and just overall maintenance. Owners, landlords and the association all need to take pride in making our community look and be it’s best.

  31. Friend says:

    I live in Colorado and knew Eric since he was a young boy. I was stunned to read that he had killed someone. He was a good kid but his upbringing was less than desirable. It’s a situation where there was no father in his life and mother working and having to leave Eric to his own devices. He needed guidance and more supervision and this was lacking in his family. I feel for the family of the young woman and the life Eric has thrown away.

  32. Larry says:

    The sad fact here is that stupidity played the largest role here. Sad to say but if if is locked up for life his DNA will never be passed on.

  33. Joyce Smith says:

    This is such a tragic accident and we should let the law settle things and leave these families in Peace

  34. ray says:

    wow. I can not believe all of you perfect people actually took time out of your perfect lives to add insult to this tragedy I do not make a lot of money. i do not live in a high rent area. I drive a used car.I did not go to collage.. all of this does not make me stupid…or any less a person than you god-like people.I feel sorry for you. what a terrible burden it must be to live in a lesser world.we all have to point a finger at someone…I wonder…has anyone given this kid a hug? i can only imagine how he must feel…accidents happen to us less than perfect people. he is as much a victim as the girl he shot. I truly hope throwing salt in this open wound makes you all feel better…

  35. lottie j says:

    when it’s two white kids, all of a sudden it’s just an “accident.” as if these two are any stupider than any other 18 year olds. you’re all dumb and none of you should be allowed to drive a car let alone touch a gun! it’s always an “accident.” when innocent people get shot in the city, they were just in the way. that’s an “accident” too. when people who have no business owning a gun, which, by the way, IS JUST ABOUT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU READING THIS, and shoot each other, that’s just an “accident” too. what a bunch of ignorant hypocrites. not a one of you who have commented so far would be able to get a gun permit if intelligence were a deciding factor.

  36. expittsburgh says:

    @lottie: “stupider” (sic.) … if intelligence were a deciding factor.

    The irony is comical. Thanks!

  37. charles richmond says:

    it makes me sad i knew that girl she was a good girl we went to Utah me and her went to job corps we did cna class she was like a sister that i never had she was a good girl she never did anything wrong so was a good student she would always be in class i love u sis i miss u loss time i talk to her was before she left

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