Hill District Seniors Rally Over Port Authority Cuts

By: Brenda Waters

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – With word of more Port Authority cuts possibly coming in March, local senior citizens gathered in the Hill District today for a rally.

The nearly 100 seniors came by van and by car from their Hill District homes and just about every high rise in the neighborhood.

They gathered at the Christopher Smith High Rise to send a message to the Port Authority: “You have crippled our community.”

Sponsored by The Hill District Consensus Group, they are trying to regain service that was cut by the Port Authority last September.

Now, with another round of cuts recommended next March, they say residents in the Hill are being crippled.

One by one, senior citizens spoke out at the meeting, telling horror stories about getting to the doctor, to the grocery store or just getting around to visit family.

They signed petitions that will be taken to the Port Authority and representatives from city, county and state offices were also at the meeting.


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  1. Mr. Soho says:

    Seniors ride for free but want door to door service. Sorry those days are long gone.. Once again the Port Authority is back to scare tactics.

  2. Dennis Mowrey says:

    Mr. Soho, what is so bad about seniors having better services? You may need them yourself someday. Also, what about the other routes? I think the Port Authority needs to be taken over and all those bums that can’t run it be fired. How hard can it be to run the thing anyways?

  3. CAROL says:

    excuse me but they are what made our country strong. I feel this is anoth smack in the face from “corporate america”. no one deserves this kind of treatment especially the seniors. we will all be seniors some day. have some compassion.

    1. Come on Carol says:

      And the ones who put us into so much debt.

  4. shorty says:

    seniors can take the access buses that pick them up and drop them off at their door. its all flat!

  5. Mr. Soho says:

    I have compassion for the seniors, but the mismanagement of monies at the PAT has caused these issues. When do the bail-outs end, they blew the drink tax dollars now they want more, its a yearly issue. This isn’t a Corp issue its politics, Unions, excessive pensions, wages, benefits..

  6. JDUB32 says:

    Yup your right that they will use on Caucasians who hide behind computers and white sheets to say stupid stuff! I bet you won’t tell a African American that to their face or call them a negro to their face!!!

  7. pm501 says:

    I agree Dennis. The higher-ups at Port Authority have been ruining that company for years. They should all be replaced. Access is not free. Disabled and people over 62 use that service. They have to use ticket books to ride. Some can not afford the service. Especially when you have to buy a few bags of groceries at a time because that is all you can carry due to walkers or canes. So you make multiple trips in the course of a week. Wait until the bad weather arrives, unless
    these” capable” PORT people do some thing SOON these seniors are going to be in hurting status. And the downtown situation at the T is disgusting. The problem is all across the board with these people, they want to be employed by PORT AUTHORITY because the pay and the pensions are the best in the nation and the seniors are footing the bill. I am not a senior yet, I have two years to go.
    I am appalled by all this. Our elected officials, do you hear me? should be cleaning up PORT AUTHORITY.

  8. Seniors are able to ride the Port Authority for free by the support of the lottery funds to cover their fares. However, both the Port Authority and ACCESS receive OPERATIONS money from the SAME transportation funding source. So that even if they cut bus routes, the demand of seniors on transportation will STILL require funding. Right now, that funding source, DOESN’T EXIST. So the ENTIRE STATE faces a transportation funding crisis – including our roads and bridges.

    If you do an internet search on ACCESS, you will be directed to the Port Authority site – they run ACCESS. So all cutting routes does is eliminate the ability of seniors to get from one place to another on their own. It does nothing to help the cost of fares for seniors as riders.

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