Franklin Regional Middle School On Lockdown

MURRYSVILLE (KDKA) — Franklin Regional Middle School is on lockdown after a suspected bomb threat.

Police and bomb-sniffing dogs were at the school this evening after a threat was found on a bathroom wall.

District officials said it was a precautionary measure. All evening activities were canceled.

They expect the school to reopen Tuesday morning.

Stay with KDKA for the latest developments.

  • Jeff

    it’s actually the Middle School (my daughter goes there and brought the letter home)

  • mike

    they are also searching the high school for safety

  • corbyn

    that look sare

  • salemphysco

    franklin is a joke of a school district same with all of murrysville

    • c

      I somehow feel that you are from a “less economically stable” area of Western PA seeing as how your name is “salem” psycho which indicates your blue collar back ground. Quite possibly a bit of jealousy for a school district that ranks in the top 92 percentile for the state of PA. Both the school district and Murrsyville as a town are quite established and have all of the resources to provide a quality education and wonderful living environment as well. It is a nice “white collar” town.

      • david

        hey come on at least everyone here is white. God forbid you ever go to an intercity highschool…..

  • mville-snob

    @C – Get over yourself. And your town. The only thing good about Murrysville is the school district and the only thing that’s good about the district is the teachers. Otherwise, Murrysville is the ugliest, most close-minded town I’ve ever had the misfortune to live in. I think the only people who like Murrysville are the ones that never leave.

    • No

      I’m pretty sure every community has it flaws murrysville is just having a bad streak. Murrysville is a great place for edu. And also to live in. Other communities are also great to live in but really murrysville is a very good place to grow up in.

  • Hi, I'm Sara.

    mville-snob, you’re totally wrong.
    the only good thing about the school is not the teachers.
    case in point: mr flaherty. <3

  • Matt

    Everyone needs to CALM DOWN.
    Stop the fighting.
    Get along.
    Murrysville is a good town, but it does have flaws, as do other towns.
    Let’s just stop the drama.

    I’m out,
    Peace <3

    • Fred

      Your all dumb. By the way i had mr flarherty 13 yrs ago. he rocked!

  • sara

    Dear Fred, if you want to insult people, please do so intelligently.
    It’s YOU’RE, not your.

    • Fred

      Im from murrysville and i can tell u were one of thos nerds we beat up in class

      • Matt

        Don’t be an mean.

  • dante

    murrysville i have to say is the biggest joke

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