Steelers To Repair Turf At Heinz Field

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)- It’s not an uncommon problem at Heinz Field.

It seems like every year around this time, the natural grass playing field surface begins to come apart just as the stadium is about to be at its busiest.

The Rooneys like to wait until after the high school playoffs to make their annual repairs between the hash marks.

With rain in the forecast for Thanksgiving Day and Friday, that means some sloppy football for the Backyard Brawl.

“It gets, it has some wear and tear obviously but we line up and play,” Dave Wannstedt, Pitt’s head football coach, said. “I wouldn’t even comment on it, whatever the conditions both teams gotta play on it.”

“The turf is the turf – it’s going to be bad but you don’t see a lot of guys getting hurt like you do on the astro turf – the grass it’s better for the players and they need to keep it as grass,” Corey Urse said.

That’s the reason the Rooneys have stood fast on their turf because their players like it and once the switch is made, the complaints should subside.

The Steelers declined to comment on the turf. The turf will have time to root before the Steelers play on the field Dec. 12 against Cincinnati.

New England and Oakland filed complaints with the NFL about the turf at Heinz Field. The NFL Network reported that the league will be monitoring the turf conditions at Heinz Field.


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  1. KKnox says:

    With both WPIAL, Pitt and the Steelers using it, why can’t they invest in a more durablr turf. The turf we have here at Norwin looks and feels like real grass, but it is very durable.,

  2. latrobe50 says:

    why can’t pnc park be used for football games…… ? It’s a waste to see it sitting there. empty…

  3. Diesel says:

    you don’t have to be an expert to know that the same techniues in the south arent’t going to work in the Northern part of the country. They use sand as the base (and isn’t that what the players are complaining about? We need to keep the grass field but need to come up with aniother way to secure becasue sand just isn’t cutting it

  4. Kevin Weissenstein says:

    I Like it just they way it is…It’s comical and part of the game + It actually made a sack yesterday!

  5. Only the facts please says:

    I guess Jeff Reed was at least partially correct?

  6. pete says:

    Dont’ need a new field, need the worthless officials the worked the game yesterday to be replaced after they get fined for masquerading as officials when they are really idiots….

  7. Ryan says:

    Jeff Reed has been vindicated!

  8. Level Green says:

    Would someone please get the Steelers to comment on their poor field conditions FROM THE DAY THE STADIUM WAS OPENED. This happens ever single year so why does this happen and what are they going to do?

    1. LB says:

      exactly , every year they have this problem , its one reason the high schools have went to field turf and surfaces like that , Band , boys and girls soccer , field hockey etc the grass up north cannot handle that kind of wear and tear , the ROONEYS NEED TO be responsible owners , what cracks me up is the WPIAL has all play off games played on turf from the 2nd round on and if these teams win and make the championship game they play on slop at Heinz field

  9. Wendy says:

    Remember the Steelers – Miami game in the pouring rain? The field had just been resurfaced and the ball just stuck in the grass after if was punted. Find somebody who knows what they are doing.

  10. Cam says:

    I love the messy field. Just remember that BOTH teams are playing on the same surface. The Steelers have to deal with it too.

  11. SANDI says:

    When Jeff Reed commented on the field he was fired…….. I know you all will say it was his off the field activities, but I don’t believe that. You go Reed. I will be routing for you where ever you go. The one thing I can’t wait to see is how good this new kicker is. We did not get to see his real ability. Did anyone notice how close he was to almost missing ….. and by the way these were just extra points……………. Will you “KICK” him out of a job as you did REED? Listen up all you sppose to be STEELERS’ FANS, believe me when I tell you that Pittsburgh will need a kicker and soon if they are going to make it to the Playoffs and beyond.

  12. Eroc says:

    Maybe that is why the Steelers have the highest number of injuries in the NFL!!

    Jeef Reed was right!

    Cheap ass Rooneys!

  13. Billy Bon says:

    Hopefully the field stays this way and when Tom Brady comes back, he ripes his knee apart!

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