Local TSA Agent Speaks Out On Pat-Downs

By Jon Delano, KDKA Political Editor

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Passengers may be unhappy over long lines and enhanced security at the airports, but it’s a feeling shared by many at TSA.

“There’s a lot more tension both by officers, fellow officers, and passengers,” one Pittsburgh TSA officer told KDKA’s Jon Delano in an exclusive interview.

TSA officers don’t like the new aggressive pat-downs of passengers either.

“I truly feel that it is morally and ethically wrong to do it,” the agent noted. “This does not make flying safer. It’s just taking away American citizens rights.”

And all the horror stories at other airports only make things worse.

“Everybody shudders when they hear that because they know that is not what we’re supposed to be doing,” the agent said.

Although trained, every officer has a different way of doing pat-downs, leading to inconsistencies.

“If you do it properly, you’re not touching the genitalia. But there is so much room for error, that’s where the problem comes because you’re in such close proximity of the areas that you are checking, it could happen.”

And some officers are more aggressive than others.

“Some people have worked in the military, some people have worked in the police force.”

But some at TSA question if the new rules are making anyone safer.

“I myself would be just as confident flying before these new procedures took place as I would be flying right now.”

The irony is that the person most likely subjected to an enhanced pat-down is not someone acting suspiciously.

It’s America’s seniors that are most often the targets of a pat-down, says this local TSA officer.

“These are your mother, your father, your grandparents. They’re the ones who have to put up with this every time they fly.”

And it breaks the heart of some local TSA officers.

“Just the looks on their faces, some of them, the fear.”

America’s older folks seem targeted because their artificial hips, knees, plates, and pace-makers most often trigger the metal detectors.

“They are the ones who get the brunt of the pat downs. Most of the American public will not have any difference in their screening. The people who alarm the MAG are the ones that will get this invasive pat down.”

And it targets the wrong people, some TSA officers believe.

“The ones who are least likely to be terrorists, the elderly, are the most likely to get the pat downs?” KDKA’s Jon Delano asked a local TSA officer.

“Correct. And that’s the big problem with this system.”

One local agent says, ironically, the controversial full body scanner may be better for seniors because it may avoid a pat-down, a pat-down, he says, that violates basic American values.

“It goes back to, ‘Do upon others as you would wish others to do upon you.’ And I would not want that done to me, or my family, or my mother, or my grandmother.”


One Comment

  1. joan says:

    Nice interview Ms J

  2. Henry says:

    Although Mr. Delano kept referring to the TSA officer as “he”, everyone can tell this is a female officer

    1. Michael says:

      I you would read the article more closely, your sexism might vanish. Clearly there are two agents, one, whom the article is about, another, “he” who comments on pat-downs in general. Get over yourself, feminist sexist.

  3. nancy says:

    IF DHS can’t figure out who this annouymous person was, the whole Dept should be disbanned.

    Happy holiidays honey

    1. delquattro says:

      Sure, add the abrogation of the first amendment to the fourth amendment violations.

  4. TSA says:

    I am pretty sure that anyone that works at TSA PIT can tell who that officer was. I know I sure can.

    1. JohnWoods says:

      So If you are really one of her co-workers, out her! I dare you. Let’s see the news report of her getting fired. Won’t happen because you aren’t real.

      1. Jo says:

        You want her to get fired for telling the truth? Aren’t you nice!

    2. NotFlyAgain says:

      That tyrannical, and threatening attitude RIGHT THERE is why so many Americans are outraged at you a-holes.

    3. paul says:

      Why aren’t you coming out and saying something also??

  5. TSA says:

    She should be fired.

    1. JohnWoods says:

      You should be fired. I’ll bet you are one of those who abuse the system.

    2. Keith in Seattle says:

      And you should be banned. Or disbanned, whichever comes first you traitor.

    3. Bob says:

      Not only should she be fired, the entire TSA should be eliminated. ! Useless, immoral, illegal, rights violating taxpayer funded sexual predators. Arrest them all and disband TSA, NOW!!!!!

    4. Retired Leatherneck says:

      and you should be treated no different than your fascist brethren in Nazi Germany. One day, I assure you, you will be.

    5. John says:

      If I had to choose between you and the interviewee, I prefer that you be fired because you obviously don’t know right from wrong and good from evil! This is the fundamental problem with TSA!

  6. Joan of Arc's co-worker says:

    Sheer hypocrisy. You categorize the mission as morally and ethically wrong but you continue to draw a paycheck from it. What a way to stand up for the senior citizens Joan of Arc!

  7. TSA says:

    This person is one voice only. My co-workers and I have been put thur enough with alll the media attention and still remain professional. It has been hard on us all. Takes a shallow minded person to speak for us all here at Team-PIT. If there will be a next time SPEAK FOR YOURSELF Ms J

    1. Keith in Seattle says:

      You’re an idiot. Can you justify this intrusive search? Have you really stopped anything? No, you haven’t because if you did, you’d be screaming at the success of your idiocy but you can’t as there is no proof or justification. You might as well go get a real job as this is going to stop one way or another. You aren’t going to like either way either which is going to be funny. Buh bye loser.

    2. JohnWoods says:

      You are hypocritical. In your post you are in fact speaking for who you think are “everyone.”

    3. John says:

      So you think it is “PROFESSIONAL” to be a Fascist Goon doing what you’re told rather that defending the US Constitution?

  8. TSA says:

    Ms. J and her “U crew” should take their agenda and leave if they don’t feel it is moral to protect the traveling public. PIT TSA has some of the most professional and dedicated employes in the US.

    1. William says:

      why are liberals so quick to give into this government harassment?
      This does nothing to make us safer.
      How many terrorist has TSA caught since inception? (none)

      1. James says:

        Don’t blame liberals, for I am a liberal progressive and I HATE the new TSA screening. I also feel the DHS should be disbanded and the fed should be audited, liberals are not the problem neither are conservatives. It is the democrats and republicans that scare me, the establishment is our enemy not the people.

      2. Ditto says:

        I thought conservative pundits were the ones supporting this.

    2. Newt says:

      Protect=Control in your world.
      Groping the genitalia of innocents, is not the answer. Reducing your bloated salary in order to pay someone from an Israeli security service just might be.
      You folks are disgusting. I hope that I never have to fly again.

    3. Bob says:

      TSA shouldn’t even EXIST!!!!!!! Totally useless, and a horrible invasion of privacy and violation of the 4th amendment. Take all the money and put it to good use, like arming pilots and passengers. THAT would stop terrorists, not some stupid, useless government authorized sexual assault. When more and more leaches off the taxpayer(oopps I mean government employees) get arrested for assault, then this will stop.

    4. JohnWoods says:

      Their professionalism is not the issue. The issue is what these “professionals” are required to do. Which most of us feel are unnecessary invasion.

    5. paul says:

      Yes, she just HATES protecting the public. That is the reason and only reason she is upset about all of this. Don’t look any further, you’ve got it down. moron…

    6. TSA-Not says:

      You;re definitely right. The TSA are the best fingers the Neo-Gestapo could ask for!

  9. TSA/TOMMY says:

    Jo, Jo, Joan! Not the news! Its so distorted already! Hey if you go back on, keep your head STILL!

    1. janeofarc says:

      You are a dolt.

  10. Are you kidding me? says:

    Shame, shame Mr. Delano, this is what gives journalist a bad name. Trying to hide this person’s identity made you look as credible as her! Next time, refer to her as only an officer. You won’t look so silly.
    If this officer had a sincere message to send, she wouldn’t have done it in disguise.

    1. Publius says:

      Bull. Anonymous speech is an important facet of free speech. Our Founding Fathers wrote papers signed with fake names to hide their identities. But I wouldn’t expect a government worker of the Thugs Standing Around to understand the concept of individual rights.

    2. janeofarc says:

      Oh, right. So please explain why we have the term “whistleblower.” Divulging information anonymously has its place. Journalists often interview anonymous sources. Your argument is silly.

  11. TSA/TommyII says:

    This “Joe” Scmo fro Kokomo needs to get a chin tuck and being such a bobblehead. Speaak for yourself!!!

    1. JohnWoods says:

      Oh, so you are one of those who enjoy groping. I see.

  12. Mary Smith says:

    This is all about control not safety. It is untested, unsafe, illegal, and most importantly IMMORAL. Anyone who complies or pushes this program is not only complicit, but Unamerican. It is quite interesting that if you can afford it, charter and private flight has zero security and never has and there are more of those flights in the US every day than commercial. I haven’t noticed these planes exploding or falling from the sky lately.

  13. Robin says:

    If the TSA security groups at the aiports have a problem with the new security measures that are being implented by there governments & them being forced to implement such demeaning measures on flying passengers,then why don’t some of the security officers have the guts to take a stand against there government and say NO,we will not implement such rules that supposedly gives them the right to molest regular peoples & children at the same time.It’s IMMORAL & wrong and only Cowards would okay this

  14. CAT says:


    1. RoboMonkey says:


      I don’t know how many times I’ve pointed out that “I was just following orders” is no defense vis-a-vis the TSA when they try to sympathize with the “poor employees”. I have no sympathy for anyone who thinks it’s OK to molest and terrorize three year olds (or just about any other innocent traveler).

  15. mark edward marchiafava says:

    if TSA agents truly don’t like it either, there is one option not discussed: they can quit.

  16. NewOrleansAnn says:

    Makes me very sad to think the senior citizens are most likely to be screened. I have no procedures that leave me vulnerable, but I would be furious to be screened because I do. I cannot imagine how I would feel about this happeneing to me, 20-30 years from now. I feel like they, just like me, are law-abiding citizens, and have to be very upset with this.

    We need to find a better way to protect ourselves.

  17. Justin says:

    This video busts down their wall of lies :


    Paul Craig Roberts states this in a recent article:

    “Indeed, if terrorists want to attack air travelers, they never need to
    board an airplane. All they need to do is to join the throngs of passengers
    waiting to go through the TSA scanners and set off their bombs. The TSA has
    conveniently assembled the targets.”

    Further, isn’t it time we also started profiling people for security checks when flying just like the Israelis do?

    1. Sorry says:

      This is all too true. It seems the terrorists are too smart to do this. This would lead to the removal or drastic reduction of all of these illegal, immoral, and expensive checkpoints. The terrorists enjoy watching the stupidity and loss of our freedom.

  18. RDH says:

    All this just because liberals are against profiling. It is stunning how stupid this is. But so is a lot of what liberals force on America.

  19. Ben says:

    Nice testimonials from sheeple

  20. NotDeadYet says:

    Looks like a lot of TSA employees don’t feel a bit bad about the grope sessions. They are coming out of their holes to out the person who made this statement. I hope he/she is ultimately protected by whistle blower laws.

  21. Allie F. says:

    The TSA is a sham! This whole process is BS! PROFILE! Better background checks at ticketing. Grandparents and children, most men and women ARE NOT TERRORIST!!!!

    I had to laugh when Obama stated that Al Quida “might” be using women with breast implants – duh…probably middle eastern women 20-35 years old – just like the highjackers….male, 20-35 years old, middle eastern.

    This has to stop. It is an affront to our rights, freedoms and the Constitution. Why should travelers be subjected to the scruntiny of hard core criminals???? And finally, TSA does not do thorough background checks on their own employees – half are thugs, bullies and criminals.

  22. Choose 2 B Grounded says:

    To all the co-workers of the whistleblower. Notice how you were incapable of staying on topic while disagreeing with the TSA agent being interviewed. You couldn’t keep the vile. personal opinions and attacks against her >to yourself>NOT<< MAKE THE COUNTRY SAFER. Why does pointing that out become a problem for you? Is there an explanation for YOUR behavior?

  23. NowYouKnow says:

    Since the instrumentation inserted into knees, hips and backs is non-ferous titanium, it should never trigger the metal detectors. Just walk on thru the metal detector and fall back on the “I’m old and I get confused” defense if needed.

    1. sorry says:

      it’s a METAL detector, not a ferrous metal detector. All metals affect electromagnetic fields due to their high conductivity.

  24. Bill says:

    And who screens the screeners? I refuse to abandon my 4th amendment rights to fly on an airplane. The constitution applies everywhere in America including the airport. Screen, inspect and investigate all you want but if you violate my constitutional rights I shall sue for all I can get.

  25. SmithWinston6478 says:

    All law enforcment professionals know the groping has no effect except to desensitize Americans to owe-bow-mao’s coming police state.
    “During times of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell ‘1984’

  26. wildhorses says:

    Thank you for speaking out against this invasive invasion of our privacy.

  27. A Real American says:

    If these TSA agents consider this policy to be as abhorrent as the American public does then they have the moral obligation to protest this policy and refuse to conduct these searches. That would earn them the respect of the American people. Unfortunately those in power never lack willing accomplices when it comes to Storm Trooper, Gestapo type tactics.

  28. Choose 2 B Grounded says:

    To all the co-workers of the whistleblower. Notice how you were incapable of staying on topic while disagreeing with the TSA agent being interviewed. You couldn’t keep your vile personal opinions and attacks against her >to yourself. She states information most of us already know…feeling up Grandma and Grandpa does >NOT<< MAKE THE COUNTRY SAFER. Why does pointing that out become a problem for you? Is there an explanation for YOUR behavior?

  29. K CLT says:

    I feel sorry for all the TSA workers being constantly exposed to ionizing radiation. While they try to equate the dosage to equivalent flying time to assuage the fear of the flying public, they completely fail to mention that the radiation due to its specific wavelength (6 to 12 Kev) is being absorbed solely by outer tissue vs. being distributed evenly throughout one’s body, moreover with the vast majority passing through without tissue interaction as would be the case during flying or medical x-ray — especially flying, as if the photon had sufficient energy to made it through the aluminum fuselage, it’s likely not stopping for soft tissue of low atomic numbers. If you consider the ratio of outer skin volume to entire body volume, it’s millions of times more concentrated.

  30. M. Guardiani says:

    So when are you TSA people going to just refuse to do the pat-downs that are “morally and ethically wrong?” The guards at the Nazi death camps also claimed to be “just following orders.”

  31. Right Again says:

    Americans are not free, and it’s not “The Terrorists” who took away that freedom, but rather the federal government and the irrational fear Bush parlayed into two failed wars and a budget crushing defense budget that did.The feds can feel and photograph your naked body and put in jail for refusing to be to submit to it – “for your own safety.” Do we really have to give up freedom to preserve it? That makes no sense. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, not the loss of civil rights and human dignity. In Europe they don’t molest people who choose to fly. No even the paranoid and much loathed Israelis resort to that lowly level of intrusion. The crotch gabbing procedure is the brainchild of a former FBI commando, Joe Pistole. He’s a control freak taking the heat for his Machiavellian boss, Janet (Reno) Napolitano. TSA staffers should do the moral thing and refuse to do the enhanced pat downs. Besides, enough C4 plastic explosive can be held in person’s rectum to blow an airliner right out of the sky! How do you suppose the TSA is going find that? By the way, the 70% of you who don’t fly have no right to decide what we frequent fliers have to contend with. Your view of the world is limited to the distance between your house and the 7-11 down the street!

  32. Jim says:

    A bomb sniffing dog is all it would take. If the dog does a positive hit then strip search them! its not rocket sience people!

  33. gENE says:


  34. Scary Times says:

    “Unfortunately those in power never lack willing accomplices…”

    Very true. This is often the case when providing an “under-performer” in life the chance to wield power over the “performers”. Is it still true the minimum educational requirement for becoming a TSA agent is a high school diploma? Considering the utter morons who inhabit most of those “security” checkpoints in just about every airport in this country, I’m not sure even that requirement is being met.

    That said, thank you to the TSA agent who spoke out via this article. I hope many more of your colleagues will join you throughout this country. If not, shame on them.

    To the purported TSA colleague in PIT who chimed in earlier in this thread, may PIT ditch your contract and go private. You don’t deserve your job!

  35. Glenn says:

    Dealing with terrorism is an always evolving process. If we stop searching kids then they will exploit that to get weapons or bombs on planes if we stop searching Muslim woman they will use that. If we don’t search little old ladies then they will use that. If we only search Middle Eastern men and woman they will find someone that doesn’t fit that profile. When the Underwear Bomber did his thing the public rose up and complained that one incident proves we are not safe in the air. The Govt. changed their processes to fix that problem and now we don’t like that either. If we are willing to accept an occasional blowing up of passenger plans then we could just do away with all the airport security.

    OR maybe we can just get the terrorist to pinky swear they won’t exploit any of the about list vulnerabilities we can also do away with security altogether.

    1. Bob says:

      Profile, and issue .357 magnums to all passengers. Glaser safety slugs won’t penetrate the skin of the plane, (though the cinematic “Blowout” is all a myth) and society is safer when criminals don’t know who is armed. Instructions to passengers: “Anyone stands up and shouts Alla Ahkbar, shoot them in the head. Twice” Self reliance made this country, not dependence on Government. I’ll fly the “armed” flight, but NOT the “screened” one. And this has the secondary benefit of eliminating thousands of tax sucking useless government jobs.

      1. CJ says:

        So getting rid of all screening is your plan, arm passengers who might be criminals themselves with guns oh that is right you would have to do a police background on everyone. I wouldn’t trust half the public with a plastic gun let alone a real one. Also do you truly think that a terrorist has to have the bomb on the plane with him. That he has to stand up and yell Allah Ahkbar to get his prayes aswered. A good bomber doesn’t have to be near the plane to enusre the bomb goes off in flight. You do understand that the extremists hate the United States and will stop at nothing to destroy and kill as many Americans as possible.
        While many people think that profiling is the answer it isn’t, you can not tell me what a terrorist looks like just like you can’t tell me what a criminal looks like. Isreal doesnt profile in the general sense of looking for people that look at of the ordinary they look at the whole sitiation and personal beahvior cues. If you wouldnt mind getting to the airport 2-3 hours before your flight, being questioned at three different checkpoints and if the answeres arent the right having everything probed i am all for it.

    2. anne says:

      Alert fellow passengers got the underwear guy and the shoe bomber.

  36. JBnID says:

    If TSA agents feel it’s wrong why do they keep doing it?
    Immorality takes many shapes. The willingness to harass fellow Americans is the worst of the worst.

  37. TR Bender says:

    Where have I heard that kind of statement before ?
    To the TSA agent that voices opinion – The Nazi Guards at the Concentration Camps had the SAME Attitue before they Carted the JEWS OFF to their EXECUTIONS – “I WAS JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS”.
    I guess for people with an IQ of 5 and a pea sized brain, that kind of rationalization makes it OK !
    I for one do not wish to hear any more crying from the TSA baby’s

  38. bob says:

    Amendment IV to the US Constitution.
    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized”

    Every TSA agent involved in operating a body scanner or pat-down procedure is violating the fourth amendment. You may be subject to civil or criminal lawsuits in the coming years.

    It is NEVER OK to violate someone’s constitutionally guaranteed rights.

  39. Scary Times says:

    Newsflash to Glenn…both the (failed) “underwear” and “shoe” bombers were screened in Europe, not the U.S. Also, ALL of the would-be and actual terorists hitting U.S. based targets over the past decade or so are of Middle East (or Pakistani) decent. NONE was a little boy or an old lady.

    Also, any true fundamentalist Muslim woman will not undergo breast implant surgery. If she did, she’s not a true Muslim fundamentalist.

    With regard to your “pinky swear” comment, isn’t that what Obama is trying to do to all our enemies? Just words.

  40. ashy1 says:

    So, many of the TSA workers don’t like the enhanced pat-downs either…Well, isn’t that special. If they don’t like it, if they feel it’s wrong, then they should quit. But they are not, so they are bottom feeders, every bit as brain dead as the sheeple who allow themselves to be violated in this manner. These workers are being exposed to radiation; as you sow…

  41. Kevin Gembarosky says:

    I can’t even call this a disgruntled screener. While she makes her living feeding on morality nursed to her from a government teet, she conceals her identity and knocks former military and police officers who are doing their job properly despite poor management. I doubt that any screener at PIT would act so cowardly to address the topics discussed in this “revealing” piece of news. By the way… she didn’t reveal anything considered SSI and had no reason to hide. Please. Take a healthy dose of courage and morality and publish the number of veterans discriminated against at PIT during the initial stand up of TSA. Or maybe address the nepotism and cronyism that rules advancement there. Talk with real screeners down there not some Union crony enjoying the 30 seconds of fame you offered them. A screener don’t like doing pat downs and Delano acts like he is Wikileaks. Too funny. Change the channel to Fox.

  42. Fred McMurray says:

    S-Stupid for

  43. D408 says:

    One local agent says, ironically, the controversial full body scanner may be better for seniors because it may avoid a pat-down, a pat-down, he says, that violates basic American values.

    And it’s not against basic American values to have to agree to make yourself available for nude screening if you are chosen? see the 4th amendment. But 4th amendment or no, being FORCED to present yourself nude in any venue of either random or scattershot -surveillance is against basic human rights and dignity, let alone against Judeo-Christian teaching and God’s law. I cannot believe that with our technology and ingenuity we do not have access to better ways of detecting weapons and components of explosive devices.

  44. Choose 2 B Grounded says:


  45. Choose 2 B Grounded says:

    @D408: “…a better way…” That would be dogs.

    1. D408 says:

      exactly. it works, but,alas, it is not profitable like stripping machines .

  46. tacitusdominatus says:

    Don’t submit. Let the queen have precisely what she wants: Don’t want to be fondled then just don’t fly. These airlines are already on the ropes. In short order many of these airlines and then these TSA gutless thugs will be out of a job.

    Money rules!

  47. tacitusdominatus says:

    ~December 15th, 2010~

    “The Stones”

  48. Hank Warren says:

    Pedophile TSA, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  49. Rickster says:

    Finally someone at TSA admitting that this doesn’t do anything to make us more secure and in fact makes us less secure because the target of this operation are not terrorists

  50. Kurly says:

    The good news is, with any luck all you TSA Molesters will soon find yourselves unemployed. I love these headlines.
    Florida airport to opt out of TSA screening
    Airports consider congressman’s call to ditch TSA
    Kick The Bums Out: Airport Says Goodbye To TSA Screeners

  51. amvet says:

    All this dehumanizing treatment of innocent people does is create a false sense of security for gullible PC liberals and move the goal post for terrorists. Travelers are now in more danger from a rogue TSA screener or baggage/cargo handler than from flight crews and passengers. Are TSA people screened before going on duty? If not, all this groping is a farce and a source of great hilarity for terrorists.

  52. LInda says:

    The liberal fascist agenda doesn’t hold up to the common sense question: Does this system of groping genitalia and breasts make anyone safer? No! The TSA should do behavioral, geneology, and geographical profiling. Anyone who looks, acts suspicious or traveling to or from a Muslim country needs the enhanced interrogation/screening NOT grandma and grandpa. At least 99.9% of terrorist bombings/attempts have been Muslim. We take off our shoes because of Richard Reid (why doesn’t the liberal media call him by his Islamic name or alias: Tariq Raja (طارق راجا) or Abdel Rahim (عبدالرحیم) or Abdul Raheem or
    Abu Ibrahimthe. The TSA needs to consult a list of criminal activity and maintain a no-fly list as the shoe bomber was a career criminal and Al Quada member. Obama administration operates on the false fantasy that giving civil liberties to religious fanatics at war with America will make a difference. TSA proves liberals are fascists and use terrorism and political correctness as an excuse to take away personal freedoms for law-abiding Americans.

  53. TSA says:

    I’m just glad tha gud man at TSA gibve me jobs. I get off the welfares, by childrens eat gudder! Thank god for the TSAs and the UNION.


  54. JT says:

    What a crock. Boo hoo…the TSA has grown a heart. Let’s show the poor, misunderstood goons, the modern SS, the Brown Shirts, the Stazi in a sympathetic light.

    You reap what you sow. There will come a time when you WILL be remembered, and your bill will be due and payable. You’re not going to like the cost. Cops, TSA agents, members of Federal Law Enforcement, you need to realize who you really work for before you get an ugly reality check.

  55. carter says:

    I was only following orders, we’ve heard that before.
    The next traffic stop these Blue Shirts get should involve the same treatment, they deserve it. Why should Cops be denied the same rights?

  56. TSA Means says:

    T = Tyrannical
    S = State
    A = Alert

    Its a clear warning of the coming destruction of the constitution. Get ready for the police state, and stop believing in freedom. Holding onto traditional values will get you arrested or killed in the coming world.

  57. Egbert says:

    The bottom line: TSA agents who use the excuse of “just following orders” are no better than NAZI death camp guards who made the same claim.
    If you are willing to follow UNCONSTITUTIONAL orders – you do not deserve any sympathy. I hope to see thousands of you prosecuted and jailed.

  58. Antonio Villanueva says:

    TSA should be forced to report their false positive rates. How many people did you pat down or scan and find nothing vs. find something. That is how they should be measured. If they were police, we would not stand for such horrible methods.

    1. David Arbogast says:

      Are you kidding ? Pistole and Janet N can’t even get their “Story” straight on how many are getting scanned / groped. LOL !!

  59. David Arbogast says:

    Too bad Obama, Pistole, and Janet N don’t have a clue as to what is really going on with their employees… 😦

  60. Titus says:

    So that the big sis can clamp down on him?

  61. jimmy37 says:

    Based on the TSA’s own admission, TSA is discriminating against elderly people because they have metal in their body. If they discriminate against the elderly this way, they can discriminate against anyone for any reason.

  62. pal says:

    We have become a nation of buffoons. Why is this happening; it does not make us safer.

    What is the TSA going to do when Al Quaeda resorts to stuffing the body cavities with plastic explosives?

    By the way we already know they have been investigating this.

  63. Abby says:

    That “TSA” person posting here makes me feel like he is a very dangerous person.

  64. Billsocal says:

    Do TSA personnel have to take a oath to protect and defend the Constitution like the police and the military do. If they do then all they have to do is follow what the Constitution says when they think think they are being told to do something they think is unconstitutional. Just follow the guidelines of the OathKeepers organization.

  65. Rwolf says:

    Homeland Security Could Be an Economic Boon For Local Merchants while devastating Large Shopping Centers.

    Homeland Security’s plan to establish Invasive X-ray Scans at entrances of large Shopping Malls will drive off shoppers to buy from non-mall merchants at stand alone stores and small outdoor strip centers in their community. Shopping centers in the U.S. are already dying economically with tenants defaulting, not renewing leases, because they can’t financially make it in this horrific recession. Non-shopping Mall commercial properties in trafficked locations could prove to be a good real estate investment.

  66. Elizabeth Conley says:

    This agent is an American Hero. I hope he is not retaliated against. The TSA & DHS leadership has become so slimy. They’re just the type to harrass this good man.

  67. agsb says:

    This country is based that NO one is above the law yet a US Congressman or US Senator can bypass the TSA. If everybody is equal under the law, then why are some people above the law and can bypass TSA security. After all Isreal alows no one to bypass their security and the US is different in allowing certain people to bypass TSA security.

  68. RufusVonDufus says:

    The TSA agents are only doing their jobs, what they are being paid for; however, that big stupid moron azz Napolitano and that other big stupid moron, Pistole deserve lambasted. They are two of the biggest idiots I have ever had to listen to. When will this government EVER find people who are both skilled and what they do and understanding of the rights Americans have? Obama is the biggest moron in the world and we have to put up with him, his wife and kids. The sooner that Kenyan is gone, the better off this country will be. ’12 cannot possibly come soon enough.

  69. smokincol says:

    that’s all fine and good but…the only way to indicate any person who has any idea to do harm to himself or anyone, on an airplace, is to PROFILE. yes, the one and only true way to define who you’re talking to is to talk to them, the same way a good police investigator would do it. El Al already has it down to a science and they don’t abuse anyone who flies with them, the way this the TSA does it. we are being insulted by this govt agency but this is only the left jab before the right uppercut. it’s the govt and they hate us because they realize that we do have the power to throw them to the curb, which was partially done on the election in the first part of this month. vote them all out. let none survive.

  70. agsb says:

    The airline that flew passengers NUDE was ahead of its time. Maybe they should advertise for passengers under the MOTTO OF “tHE aIirline with nothing to hide”.

  71. student1776 says:

    The liberals are all in favor of the pat downs. It serves their goal of “breaking people down” to government domination. If you will accept being molest and letting a stranger molest your children or spouse when you know that you and your family pose no risk and when they know that you and your children pose no risk just because they have a TSA badge – activities our soldiers are not allowed to do to enemies captured on the battlefield – then exactly where is it that you will draw the line?

  72. Sven says:

    The pat downs just started after the elections, would one want to jump to the conclusion that this is a payback from the administration.?????


  73. Pete says:

    I think this would be a great time for Americans to travel via ground transportation to travel across this fine nation to find out just how beautiful it is. While the citizens are touring the US, the Homeland INsecuritye Department might have time to figure out how to do the job that needs to be done – not the job of molesting our citizens. There is absolutely no reason not to profile when protecting our citizens; and no citizen should complain when it is done.

  74. Johnny Devo says:

    T = Tyrannical
    S = State
    A = Authority


    T = Testicals
    S = Scrotum
    A = A$$

  75. PA says:

    Hey mister TSA agent, if you think it’s morally and ethically wrong, DON”T DO IT. There should have been a wave of people quiting their TSA jobs rather than do this, but heck no, they’ll feel you up and violate your rights for a paycheck. For shame.

  76. a. Wit says:

    A full pat down can take up to 6 minutes. depending how big your tits are

  77. EWRoss says:

    TSA’s scoping and groping of airline passengers doesn’t make us safer, it mask us laughable.


  78. ariel says:

    Blame Chertoff, Satan-worshiping devil, profiteer, psyop depriver of human rights.

  79. brp says:

    The truth is that this is a classic example of demanding something extreme so you can then compromise to what you are really aiming for in the first place. Kids do it with their parents all the time. Eventually the govt. or TSA will concede the stopping of full pat downs for the x-ray scanning machines . we then will settle for the compromise, even though we were opposed to it at first, accepting the lesser of two evils.

  80. Dutra says:

    It is easy. Search young, Muslim males first.

  81. Geo WIlliams says:

    Phychological Behavorial Observation (PBO) is the sollution. It will stop this nonsense and make flying more enjoyable for everyone.

  82. Digital Texan says:

    Seems like the Nazis often used the defense that they were just following orders. Didn’t work then either.

    Wrong is wrong. I would quit the TSA before groping my fellow citizens. I guess that would leave just the true perverts and power addicts still there. Just great.

  83. Latina says:

    the best pat down is in mexico

  84. OLD MS Miller says:

    Doctors sound TSA germ alert
    Dangers include syphilis, lice, viruses, ringworm


    Posted: November 24, 2010
    9:09 pm Eastern

    By Bob Unruh
    © 2010 WorldNetDaily

    Syphilis, lice, gonorrhea, ringworm, chlamydia, staph, strep, noro and papilloma viruses all are part of the possible fringe benefits when airline passengers next go through a full hands-on pat-down by agents of the federal government’s Transportation Security Administration, according to doctors.

    WND reported two days ago on alarmed passengers who noted that TSA agents doing the pat-downs that have been described by critics as molestation since they include touching private body parts were not changing gloves between passengers. In fact, some apparently were patting down dozens of passengers or more wearing the same gloves.

    But neither the TSA nor federal agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control was willing to comment on the possibilities that infections and other loathsome afflictions could be passed from passenger to passenger.

    Now two doctors – and several others – have confirmed that there is the definite possibility that passengers will be able to catch whatever someone in front of them in line was suffering from via the latex gloves TSA workers use.

    Other health standards across the country routinely warn against hand contact with sores, lesions or other sources of viruses or contamination. The Lincoln, Neb., health site notes, “This includes hand contact.”

    Officials at the Canadian Center for Occupational Health noted that “hand washing is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of infections.

    “You can spread certain ‘germs’ (a general term for microbes like viruses and bacteria) casually by touching another person. You can also catch germs when you touch contaminated objects or surfaces and then you touch your face (mouth, eyes, and nose),” it said.

    On a TSA blog promoting the agency’s actions and policies, one screener explained, “Changing gloves is fairly simple … . When I gate screen I carry about 10-12 pairs in my pockets.”

  85. DEF says:

    The Senior Citizens, War Veterans and TEA (Taxed Enough Already) partiers have been Classified/Profiled as Terrorists…..That is official policy!!!! Those are the ones being the most scrutinized/violated/sodomized in these search and seizure policies!!!

  86. Gaymedia says:

    I was suprised that TSA were being such good Germans about this in the first place. BOTH these searches are unconstutuional – clear as day – however, the machine does not know it is breaking the law. TSA does. I will go for the quote “patdown” and force the morally objectionable behavior on the humans. Why should I give up flying? TSA agents should walk out on the NOT-A-PAT-DOWN invasive hand searches.

  87. ElBarto06 says:

    I just want the government to keep its tentacles off of my testicles!

  88. Newshound says:

    By all accounts, the groping and the sexual assaults were part of Obama’s plan. He knew the scanners were unpopular, so the only way to get US citizens to ‘accept’ them was to clobber them with something even worse. And here is this ‘noble’ TSA agent, saying just what Obama wants to hear – ‘Oh, just go through the scanners. At least then we won’t be groping you.’
    Fight for freedom!

  89. pragmaticus says:

    I’m still struck by the differences between Israeli and U.S. airport security – no genital patting or body scanning. Israel is closer to the heat and has already given consideration to what we’re doing … and has rejected that in favor of working the “human factor.” Their track record is pretty good so far – better than ours.

    I read of people decrying this as “racial profiling”, but I prefer the Israeli approach over a bureaucrat patting my nethers (or my child’s) or gazing upon us naked. I also hear criticisms of the scalability of Israel’s process … but I wonder about the final expense difference when I see that other public sectors are now following suit by using body scanners, too.

    Also re: expense … I’m just waiting for that medical journal article a decade hence describing a new, expensive, litigatable health problem peculiar to frequent fliers exposed repeatedly to airport scanners.

    A bigger worry, though … each experience of a TSA agent reaching down our britches can add a measure of resentment against the Muslim world. Each angry dropping of our drawers accomplishes exactly what al-Qaeda wants – a polarizing Western hatred with which to gather the new Caliphate.

    And to those who simply shrug their shoulders about these intrusions, I offer this futile reminder:

  90. Tom says:

    My question is, who protects me from the TSA. Unfortunately, I bought a plane ticket for a Caribbean cruise that is coming up in February. I am now dreading my vacation and these will definitely be my LAST flights until this abuse is ended. If I am touched inappropriately, you’d better believe, I will be pressing charges. If I find myself in that awful situation, then I’ll be getting the name of the person who intends to touch me. I would encourage everyone who is molested to press charges. Keep them in court and maybe they won’t have the manpower to commit their crimes, and these are crimes.

  91. Howard Ino says:

    But who else would pay $300,000 each for the scanners?

    Time to follow the money”!

  92. Dp says:

    There is a very simple solution to airline security! We know who the terrorists are and we know about them. For instance: Their diet does not allow for pork products. They don’t allow any kind of contact with pigs or products thereof.

    So, the airlines should siimply serve complimentary ham sandwiches to all the passengers several times during each flight. The cost would be much less than what TSA costs and food would again be available on the flights.

    The terrorists wouldn’t even consider any kind of violence that might put them in contact with the ham.

    End of problem!!!

  93. USA2010 says:

    Citizens should contact their Congressmen and Congresswomen and urge them to stand up for our constitutional rights to travel and to be free from unreasonable searches. Congress could withhold funding from TSA and the Department of Homeland Security or it could pass legislation to curtail these abuses. It could be accomplished easily by offering an amendment to an appropriations bill or to any other piece of “must pass” legislation. Congress won;t act however, unless we ask them to.

    If the American people allow these abuses to continue we will be on the road to tyranny.

  94. JoeSchmoe says:

    I love how even with $300 million in scanners, plus probably billions in overall TSA security funding, they somehow think elderly grandmas are a terror threat. Ya, I can see how well it was thought through.

  95. Mr. Blue says:

    Maybe we should ‘pat down’ the US government, see what they got hiding up THEIR sleeves eh?

    … Talk all about do unto others and all

  96. TruthDetector says:

    Syphilis, lice, gonorrhea, ringworm, chlamydia, staph, strep, noro and papilloma viruses all are part of the possible fringe benefits when airline passengers next go through a full hands-on rub-dowN

  97. TruthDetector says:

    “Grandmama…….they touched you on your special girl spots”

    Where is the outrage?

  98. TruthDetector says:

    The Dept. of Homeland Security was not created to protect Americans.

    It was created to be used against the American people.

  99. dee says:

    profile, profile, profile. where has common sense gone?

  100. rex says:

    TSA (Napolitano) ALLOWED the Undie Bomber on the plan without a passport and despite the father calling in telling them his son was a problem.

    Then there’s CHERTOFF with his RAPISCAN machines.

    Doesn’t anybody notice that our borders are still WIDE-OPEN SEIVES and that our immigration laws still are NOT enforced?

    This is NOT about security. It’s about an encroaching police state and watch for another false flag event to bring the F.A.S.T. Machines to a: Stadium, school, other public locations and of course, our malls. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

  101. CSR says:

    “I truly feel that it is morally and ethically wrong to do it,” the agent noted. “This does not make flying safer. It’s just taking away American citizens rights.”

    Yet he continues to do it. Despicable.

  102. Ken says:

    The only way out of this situation is to take TSA agents pictures and post them on the web with full personal info and start posting these pictures in the communities were they live. That is what is done to pedophiles and sex offenders because that is what you are.

  103. trailertrash says:

    I object to the idea of men scanning women and women scanning men. How can this possibly be OK? Does no one else think this is too provocative?

  104. D408 says:

    Shocker! TSA’s nude scans would miss taped-on bombs
    Peer-reviewed paper says terrorists could fool clothes-penetrating tools

    Posted: November 29, 2010
    9:08 pm Eastern

    By Jerome R. Corsi
    © 2010 WorldNetDaily

    TSA’s nude scans would miss taped-on bombs:
    Posted: November 29, 2010
    9:08 pm Eastern By Jerome R. Corsi
    © 2010 WorldNetDaily
    A new peer-reviewed scientific study says the backscatter full-body imaging X-ray machines being used by the federal Transportation Security Administration could be fooled by terrorists who simply would mold explosives to conform to their bodies.
    more: http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=234401

  105. sees the light says:

    Let’s think a little about this progression. TSA agents and scanners are coming next to train stations, bus stations, subway stations and who knows where. Now I can’t carry my legal hand handgun (for which I have a valid carry permit) or even my pen knife that I have carried for years and only showed once to a vagrant in an alley that tried to help me out of my rental car at 3:00 am (the well lit motel parking lot was full and I was working the night shift replacing an employee who had been the victim of an assault). This is a plan to slowly disarm every one in the United States wiithout dealing with the constitution.

  106. rick says:

    They impose this because some fool that should already be worm bait decided to put an explosive in his shorts. What are they planning for us now that they say brest implants could be filled with liquid explosive and you can carry a bomb in your butt. Guess its bend over time for all and a good grope; wait aminute, they are already groping guess we have something to look forward to.

  107. rick says:

    How about we have every member of Congress, the President and his family go through this procedure for the public. I wonder how fast it would be changed then. They make these rules then exempt themselves, what does that tell you.

  108. asil says:

    If they know it is morally wrong, why do they agree to do it? Why does a citizen of the U.S. allow themselves to be VIOLATED? Simple answer from TSA agent is NO I will not violate a fellow citizen. Simple answer from passengers is NO do not touch me, you will not take an xray of my body. People are sheep and will be led to the slaughter because they are weak and cowardly!

  109. LB says:

    Finally, the braincells are growing there. The whole security system is too big and too high taken. Every terrorist can BOOM while they scanning … and then … who wins then if the security is not working at that same time ? It is useless …

  110. Mondo Mutantis says:

    Where are the Health-authorities?? This method ,using the same pair of gloves on everybody, is so obviuosly ALLSO a sever attack on all hygienic knowledge; it is a sure-fire way of transmitting ANYTHING from one sick person to ALL following! It is simply idiotic and exclusively done to make the population , little by little, accustomed to being treated like animals.Groping genitalia has for 100.000 years indicated lust (or need) fo sexual inter-course,that is not changed in a month or so. why not grope back! Pretend t be willing and grope-back-even tickle them.

  111. Tempus Fugit says:

    DOGS are 100% better for this, that is why they are used everywhere else.Now, when soon rectum-analysis becomes part of the procedure- will you THEN change gloves???

  112. Justen Agorist Robertson says:

    I trust this TSA agent quit his job then? Or is he willing to do whatever and use the old “following orders” cop out?

  113. SimplePimple says:

    Bomb dogs – yes bomb sniffing dogs as used by the military in war because they are completely reliable – why doesn’t the TSA use these dogs instead of expensive invasive and cancer causing scanners or intrusive illegal molestation pat downs?
    Why does not a single report about the TSA and scanner back lash include this option? They would be far less expensive, far more effective and keep everyone’s rights intact – perhaps it’s just too simple and smart an idea? Or is it cuz no one in power is holding stock on dog sniffing companies?

  114. Linda Rivera says:


    This frightening video is absolutely shocking. How can peaceful, patriotic, America-loving, law-abiding citizens protect themselves from the government? Unless this is stopped now, even worse terror will be perpetrated against us by our own government. Who will protect us from the government?

    The TSA is out of control

    The terrorists have won. The inept, terrifying government response to Islamic terrorism is to terrorize innocents.

  115. Linda Rivera says:

    It is unacceptable and immoral that innocents at U.S. airports are humiliated with degrading full-body scanners exposing their naked bodies and destroying their health with cancer causing radiation; and subjected to extremely aggressive, invasive “pat downs” which analysts say are criminal sexual assaults.

    This has NOTHING to do with security. It’s all about power and control and destroying our health, basic human rights and our freedom. Ruling elites know the body scanners are useless:

    “Full-body scanners are waste of money, Israeli expert says
    A leading Israeli airport security expert says the Canadian government has wasted millions of dollars to install “useless” imaging machines at airports across the country.

    “I don’t know why everybody is running to buy these expensive and useless machines. I can overcome the body scanners with enough explosives to bring down a Boeing 747,” Rafi Sela told parliamentarians probing the state of aviation safety in Canada.”

    American leaders have a responsibility to copy the highly successful Israeli airport security. Israel are the experts.

  116. Linda Rivera says:

    Council on American-Islamic Relations: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” – Omar Ahmad (CAIR co-founder).

    Addressing a youth session at the 1999 Islamic Association for Palestine’s annual convention in Chicago, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) founder Omar Ahmad praised suicide bombers who “kill themselves for Islam,”

    Health-destroying, cancer-causing, degrading naked body scanners or dirty sexual assault needed for airport security? A LIE FROM the PIT of HELL.

    Global Jihad advances greatly, not because of cruel Islamo Fascists, but because of weak, fiercely pro-Islam, Western enabler leaders. U.S. Airport Security is Deliberately and Shockingly DESTROYED for U.S. top FAVORITE, Islam:

    Controversial Muslim group
    gets VIP airport security tour
    Feds show CAIR latest screening steps,
    sensitive counterterrorism procedures
    August 18, 2006

    The Department of Homeland Security
    took a Muslim group with known past ties to terror organizations on a VIP tour of security operations at the nation’s busiest airport at the same time British authorities were working to break up a plot to blow up U.S. airlines.

    On June 21, a senior DHS official from Washington personally guided Muslim officials from the Council on American-Islamic Relations on a behind-the-scenes tour of Customs screening operations at O’Hare International Airport in response to CAIR complaints that Muslim travelers were being unfairly delayed as they entered the U.S. from abroad.

    CAIR is a spin-off of the Islamic Association for Palestine, identified by two former FBI counterterrorism chiefs as a “front group” for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

    Several CAIR leaders have been convicted on terror-related charges.

    During the airport tour, CAIR was taken on a walk through the point-of-entry, Customs stations, secondary screening and interview rooms. In addition, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents were asked to describe for CAIR representatives various features of the high-risk passenger lookout system.

    ’“One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”
    —Former Algerian President Houari Boumedienne’s prophetic warning to Europe in a speech at the U.N. In 1974.

    In Sweden, many Muslim youth wear a t-shirt proclaiming: “2030-then we take over”

  117. Gov't workers are people too says:

    Glad this agent spoke out. I’m sure the TSA would love to fire him/her. For those who say the agent should quit, well, patdown rules will likely change when the GOP takes over in January. And as decent people, they try to do it professionally and to not scare people. Should we have only power-hungry TSA agents? Agents who enjoy this? How scary that would be!!

  118. TruthSayer says:

    From now on, EVERYONE flying should get to the airport prepared:-

    Not showered for at least four days

    And opt for the pat downs.

    And get onto the planes in that state, too.

    And be prepared to fart real good during examination. A baked-bean & cabbage meal beforehand might help.

    Remember to remind the agents that they are enacting tyrrany. At some point, if any of them have consciences left, they might just wake up to their complicity to a fascist regime. If not, have no fear – Armageddon will soon get rid of all the wickedness. When all else fails, there’s always Armageddon. No one can fight the almighty, and win. All regimes fall. This one aint no different, despite its narcissistic outlook.

    That’s the thing about narcissists. They hate evil, but instead of dealing with their own demons, they project their issues onto others cos they cannot accept their own evil. And they call it “the land of the free.” Pathetic.

    No. Armageddon is the real answer. All terrorists will perish then, whether Islamic, American or whoever. Until then, time to get stincky. 🙂

  119. Greg Wolf says:

    U.S. government workers have a personal and patriotic responsibility to ensure that their actions do not deprive American citizens of their Constitutional rights.

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